Event Chest Contents

How about giving event chest a viewable list of all potential troops just like the summon stones now have?


They would probably have to be reworked first. Right now they can drop any Ultra-Rare or Epic, just with lower odds for troops not belonging to the current event kingdom.

Is it any UR or epic? I thought each week there were a couple of kingdoms designated for non-event troops. So event chests can pull from just three kingdoms, was my impression.

Good question. I’ve been getting troops from quite a lot of other kingdoms, that might well be due to several distinct events having been involved though. My gut feeling says that specifically picking three hidden extra kingdoms to pull event chest contents from each week is such a weird approach nobody would really consider implementing it. Then again, we did get a skip button that covers the same area as a refresh button you have to pay gems for…

Is the new event chest screen still cycling through all troops found within the chest? Can’t check from here, that might be a way to narrow this down.

… and there’s the problem in a single sentence. After two years playing the game, I still have only a hazy idea what’s available from Event chests during any given week.

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The description clearly states ‘event kingdom’s troops’.
Clearly this is a lie and totally inaccurate.
If you bought gems of psn with real money and then proceeded to use them to open event chests and upto 55% were either non event troops or traitstones, I’d argue you have good grounds for a refund because you’re not receiving what you paid for and you did not get what they’re advertising. It’s a total mis-sell.
I’ve tracked the percentage myself and it seems to vary between 24-55% non event troops.

Careful what you wish for.
That was the plan, with a chance of getting x3 common for an event key.

I would assume they will do this when they make event keys only drop from the kingdom itself.

They mentioned they will eventually rework event keys to be kingdom exclusive, but to drop every possible troop from the kingdom. This would include the commons/rares. They said they would also consider slightly lowering the price of event keys if this was to occur, as there would be a decent amount of lesser drops.

As long as they keep the mythic, legend, and epic drop rate the same as it is now, it would likely come to be a really good change.


I wouldn’t have a problem with that. The recent merlantis event still left me over a hundred giant crabs short after opening 20,000 gold chests. As tacet said, as long as the drop rate for the epics legendary and mythic if there is one, stays the same I’d be happy with that. Getting yet another druid or some crappy stone when you’re told event keys give event troops is beyond a joke imo.