Event Chests why are there other kingdoms troops in it?

Why is Black Beast and Gorgon in this week’s Event Chest? They are not in Broken Spire nor are they Giants … for those of us working to get Broken Spire getting things that are not in that kingdom really bums me out.

I didn’t see that last week with the Dwarves :slight_smile:

Event chests always have a small chance at troops from other kingdoms. As for the reason, beats me. Maybe it’s a relic from older days, when kingdoms still had a lot less troops.


Well it bums me out spending gems on Event Chests for Event related troops and getting no-event related troops

That’s actually a good point, with the new event format it feels even more reasonable to only get troops from the event kingdom.

@Nimhain @Sirrian, is that small chance to get other troops from event chests something still considered a Good Idea ™? Chances are low enough to fall into the jackpot category, it often feels more like a disappointment when hitting it though.


Great idea, it should be a higher % chance of getting the other troops releated to the same kingdom that has an event.

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