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Identifying event kingdom

Is there a way within the game to easily identify the event kingdom?
I don’t see it anywhere on the Events tab. I know we can look at the troop card on the Event Chest page, and then go to the troop menu to see what kingdom that card belongs to, but there has to be an easier way.

This information really should be stated on the Event Chest page.


They used to always buff the event kingdom and one troop type. Now they seem to have no logic to it. Just randomly buff Kingdoms or types.

Consistency does seem to be an issue to the devs that shouldn’t be that difficult to correct.

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I think the easiest way is to look at the glory troop’s kingdom


Thanks for the replies. I guess I’m not missing anything obvious then.

So as a feature request, @Cyrup please try to add the name of the event kingdom on the Event Chest menu so we can know what kingdom’s troops we are pulling.


I have added this on my end as a suggestion as well, as I can see how that might be useful to know!