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Any way to see what kingdom a troop is from?

I don’t see it anywhere on the troop. I google it, but it would be nice to not have to need to do that.

In the same vein, is there any way to see what kingdoms drop a single color traitstone? When I’m looking for a particular minor, it’s great that it will show me all the kingdoms that drop it, but it would be nice if it would show me what (if any) other colors are dropped.

One way is to observe the backgroung of tha card, though not very clear. I think most of we players shall be glad to see them add the kingdom icon back to the card.

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On this page, look down the banner column. The ones with single color banners drop single color traitstones of the banner color.

On this page, you can match troops with their kingdoms.

Thanks. I do use that site alot for these things, but I was hoping there was a way to do it in game.

Sadly, there isn’t. Hopefully, they’ll figure out a way to put kingdom names on the cards. They removed the kingdom shield icons because they said they were too small, and many players didn’t memorize the shields anyway.

FYI: you can click on a stone in your hero inventory to see what kingdom drops it. You can even click to go straight to that kingdom from there.

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You can enter troop screen and search by kingdom. Admittedly not much use if your new, but kingdoms often have themes that make it easier. I.e. an undead troop will most likely be from khatar or ghulvania, although there are exceptions

I’ve run into it in the past where I wished I could tell, but my current problem is I have finally gotten sol’zara to work in a soul farming team. The problem I have right now, is that if I get two more hp she becomes completely useless. So I have to be very careful what kingdoms I 5* and therefore have to be careful what troops I level and trait.

Sol’Zara was hard enough to get working as is, and losing her would be a huge detriment to me. So when I’m building other teams (in this instance brown for my gw tomorrow) I have to google every troop I’m considering to see if I can safely level or trait it.

Why google it when you can just use Lyya’s gow database search? It’s more efficient to use her troop table database.

if your just 5 starring kingdoms the do us the troop screen, however, on the world map look at kingdoms that give life and aviod levelling those.

Not sure I understand. When I’m looking at a troop I can tell that its gives hp? THat’s basically what I need to know, I’m building a random team, I wanna use a certain troop in it, can I level or trait this troop without it accidentally gaining Sol’Zara hp.

She’s a finicky troop, but way better for soul farming than tds or something like valk triple warlock. Someday I might have a dawnbringer for arena, or like a phaors ra, but until then I have to fine tune.

If you go into a kingdom screen from world map, it should tell you that kingdoms bonus I.e. ghulvania is life, darkstone is magic, etc

Once you know the kingdoms that give life you can skip those when filter by kingdom in troop screen

So don’t level/trait ghulvania troops, unless it’s already 5 star. I think there are 9 or 10 kingdoms that give life, so I cannot really remember them

I understand what you’re saying and I appreciate you taking the time, but that’s not the issue. I’m never going through kingdoms figuring out what troops I should level and trait. I’m going through troops I want to use and when I decide I want to use them, I need to level and trait them. At that point I need to know what kingdom they’re from which there is no way to do in the game (without going through every kingdom until you see it).

Perhaps if there was a filter that said exclude x, y, z kingdoms, but that’s just a crappy work around to just telling me what kingdom something is from in the first place.

I miss the Kingdom shields too, but I miss the old font and art direction 10x more. I agree you should not need an independent website to display basic troop information.

To your filter point they also removed many very useful features from the Troop filter on console and still havent brought any of them back yet. Nor do i think they ever will (for simplicity/Mobile?)

I dunno, I feel like either they think I’m dumb as bricks or they think this game attracts people that are completely brick headed. I was super confused when I started because I thought every ability cost the same. When I found there was a hidden option that showed cost and made everything in the game make sense, everything in the game made sense.

Until I realized, either they’re dumb as bricks, they think I’m dumb as bricks or they have no idea who their target audience is, which basically makes it a circular loop.

Somewhere in there has to be money involved because I don’t believe that either of us can believe the other is that stupid.

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We are currently looking into a way to make it easier to tell what kingdom a troop is from. :slight_smile:

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Awesome thanks! If you can find time to stop patronizing players, that’d be wonderful too.

We don’t intentionally try to patronise players. :frowning: I’m sorry you feel that way @Aerathi.

I won’t fault you for it. There are many times I[m like wow that’s cool they did that, then there are other times I’m like, wow they’re catering to an audience that doesn’t['t exist. Maybe it does and I just haven’t seen it.