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Console 2.0.5 Traitstone Location Reference Table

I’m somewhat of a new player (~1 month), so I don’t have the traitstone types and locations memorized. I had been using an old table I found on these forums for a while, but it was missing the 4 latest kingdoms added to console. So, I took some time to make a new one. Hopefully new and veteran players alike can make use of it.

Sorry it doesn’t include the latest kingdoms from the PC version. I’ll probably update this whenever the versions are synced up.


Right on :slight_smile:

See also:
http://ashtender.com/gems/kingdomtable (PC/Mobile)
http://ashtender.com/gems/console/kingdomtable (Console)

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Hey Lyya.
Do you think you can add the number of troops on that screen (http://ashtender.com/gems/kingdomtable).
Maybe as an extra column, or next to the clickable All.
Ex: Adana would say All (11) on it’s troop column.



Sure, I can see how that could be useful for power level planning.


Thanks for sharing this. Another way of looking which arcanes go with which kingdom is to look at the banner! Red and Blue banner gives arcane blood (red and blue) from mist of scales. Etc etc.

Has anyone got a list of troops and what arcanes they use? I thought one was posted but I didn’t understand it!

Thanks! Those are nice… Clearly a lot of time went into them. No big loss for me; I only spent about 10 minutes on mine.

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That’s something else I’ve been looking for. It would be nice to have so I can know what Arcanes to collect for troops I don’t have yet.

Edit: Thanks to Scala as well!

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That’s great, but really confusing for someone like me!

Search what traistone you want. Mythics and guardians at the end of the list.

Feel free to let me know what it is about the list that confuses you. I might edit it if good ideas of how to make it simplier to understand occurs :slight_smile:

Added the troop counts to the table links. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hi, yours was fine, it was the other list, I didn’t find it as easy to get the information I needed. How many and what kind of stones for each troop. I knew jarl fireplace needed arcane lava so I bought a whole load of nobend bros just for those, and I’m trying to hold back around 4k glory for when spider knight pack is available so I can get the amount of arcane death for creeping death. So it handy to know who uses what in a easy to understand chart, maybe colour coded etc. I know that kingdom banners correspond to the arcanes so that saves looking em up in some circumstances. I’ve been playing since day 1 but the game is so much deeper than I realised! Thank you to everyone who has put informative and helpful posts on this great forum. Cheers.

I’ve been looking to get me one of those Jarl Fireplaces for cold nights

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Lol, it’s his nickname I gave him. Probably wasn’t the first to think of it though!

jarl fireplace needs lava traitstones and you get those from grosh nak.

I got em from the knob end bros