Minor Traitstone Problem

On the way to 5-staring all my kingdoms I was running into a bigger problem:

While I have hundreds (!) of Minor Traitstones from all other colors I have only a very few (< 10! :astonished:) left of Brown color.

Two things about it:

  • Are there different drop chances between the colors? I can’t explain the huge difference in numbers. Could be I coincidentally traited much more Brown then other troops tbh. But traiting from low rarity Troops to higher rarity Troops all over all kingdoms should equal the numbers in average… so I’m really confused by now.

  • Is there an other way to “farm” Brown Minor Traitstones then mass-buying Gold Chests? I’m a bit helpless at this point…

  • There aren’t different color-based drop chances, but as I mentioned above the kingdom of the fight determines that. In PvP, that’s I think the player’s home kingdom and there are some biases in that regard. Also traitstones given out via bundles, shop tiers, etc. are influenced by troop colors and not set up to be balanced.
  • Yes. Farm Explore in a kingdom that drops them. In 10 matches you’ll probably get 3-5 minor browns.

Here’s a quick way to target your traitstones if you don’t know a chart to reference like this one:

  • Go to your inventory screen.
  • Find the traitstone you want and tap it (or whatever you do on console).
  • That’ll bring up a display of each kingdom that drops it. BUT WAIT.
  • The highest chance of brown is in a brown-only kingdom. That’s hard to deduce from the list, but the one you want is Khaziel.

For that last bullet:

Most kingdoms have 2 colors. If you farm in those kingdoms, there’s a 50/50 split in terms of which minors, majors, and runics you get. So if you want SPECIFICALLY one color, it’s best to farm in one of the 6 kingdoms that only drop one color.


And to explain your shortage, traiting up a single legendary troop usually requires 78 of a chosen minor traitstone, 66 for ultra-rares, in other words, a lot.

@Mithran :smile:

I’ve had periodic shortage of yellow trait stones, then brown, then green, then red… The only ones which never gave me issues are purple. I guess it’s all in the order you go when traiting your troops (usually by kingdoms, and kingdoms do have primary colors in their troop roster).

Traitstone drops in PVP used to be based on the home kingdom, but they got changed to pure random because things were super skewed towards Whitehelm - everyone had Whitehelm as their home kingdom because Glory and that’s why everyone who was playing that long ago has 10-20% more yellow traitstones than anything else (but at the time it was closer to 50-100%).

Explore works as said above.