Traitstone colors?

I dont know why, but I seem to be getting Wind (yellow) traitstones significantly more often than any other type - like 50% of all traitstone drops from questing, challenges and pvp are all Wind. Right now I have about four times as many Wind traitstone as any other color.

Anyone has any clue why this is? I thought it was caused by using +2 yellow banner in my team, but recently I switched to +2 green mana banner and Iam still getting Wind traitstones like crazy…

Another possibility is that its tied to home kingdom - my kingdom is Whitehelm which has +yellow mastery, so maybe thats why. I havent tried experimenting with this yet…

Can anyone tell, if theyre experiencing similar issue of getting mainly only one color from after combat rewards? (traitstones from chests seem to be randomized well)

Also, it would be nice for the next patch to have some sort of traitstone exchange, where you can change the colors (2 of any color for 1 of specific color), upgrade to bigger level (10 bad traitstones for one higher rarity) or downgrade them (destroy 1 to get 5 of lower rarity) or something along those lines… but Iam sure someone already suggested that in another post anyway.


Defend traitstones seem to be tied to your home kingdom. I am pretty sure I read somewhere the devs said that would not be the case, but it definitely is. I was overwhelmed with brown traitstones I don’t need in Khaziel, as soon as I switched to Zaejin I started getting a lot of green ones. I have not paid enough attention o determine if the traitstones from invade are tied to the kingdom you are invading. I am really bad at paying attention to pretty much anything about the person I am invading except level.

Challenges and quests are supposed to give you a traitstone from the kingdom you are doing the challenge / quest for. That seems to be working relatively well, I believe the preferred traitstone color is the one it gives a mastery bonus to.


Sounds about right… I was doing quests and challenges in Whitehelm and before that I was questing in Divinion Fields - both are yellow mastery kingdoms, so that would explaing the Wind traitstones from questing and challenges.

That would leave the pvp traitstone rewards… so maybe theyre really tied to your home kingdom as suggested. If thats true it has the added benefit that you can switch your home kingdom to a color of traitstone that you need at the moment, but it screws your double tribute strategy…

Yes, I am camping out in Zaejin until I get the rest of the green traitstones I need. Then red is next on my list. I really hope it isn’t a bug they end up fixing. I personally am more than willing to give up the double tribute bonus sculpting in exchange for being able to have my defends focus on the traitstone I care about. I get more from multiple kingdom tributes than from the doubling anyway. Not to mention, I am fairly strapped for all resources currently, so I will take doubling of anything at this point. :smiley:



seems that the color you get isnt the one the kingdom gives bonus to, but rather depending on the kingdom banner…

Ive switched to Zhul’Kari which has green kingdom bonus and green / purple banner, and Ive been receiving roughly 50/50 green and purple traitstones.

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This is for the most part correct. Banner’s are direct examples of what the kingdom offers in trait stones, though there are some odd balls. Forest of Thorns, a double green banner kingdom, also has the added chance of of blue trait stones on top of the green.

As for how many kingdoms have an additional trait color is undetermined as we’re still learning about all the details of 1.0.8, but sticking your home kingdom where whatever trait color you desire is is a good starting point.

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My home kingdom is khaziel and I’m getting about 60% more of brown then any other trait stones combined number. And I am never using any brown banner. My invade team doesn’t even use brown mana. .

So switch your home kingdom to one that fits colors you do use, more specifically one that fits the same two colors as one of your primary troops.

When you’re defending, you always use your own kingdom, which has a 50% chance of rewarding a Trait related to that kingdoms color at the end of a revenge.

Though try sticking to kingdoms that you’ve earned at least one gold star on, to generate the most possible rewards. (x4 instead of x2)

Sadly even tho I considered myself a mid tier player (all kingdoms leveled to 10 and my level is 182) I don’t have a single gold star. . 16 silver stars is all I could get in the short term :confused:

Looks like you and I have different focuses when it comes to leveling. Though I’m a good deal higher leveled (267) I’ve yet to reach level 10 on all my kingdoms (getting close though).

However, on the flipside I’ve earned Silver star on all kingdoms with almost half of them being 1-Gold star. Only one 2-Gold star atm, but I’m working on it as well as level 10ing my remaining kingdoms.

Best of luck! Try leveling your untrained troops equally, it only takes 6 troops from every kingdom at level 5 to earn all silver stars, it’s a good place to start.

That’s my problem, those 4 kingdoms that don’t have a silver star I only have 5 of troops. I have had Dragon armor from before I reached level 100, so I got a good share of gold for kingdom leveling, and I used for a really long time a team that manipulates the board (gem spammers and transformers - jarl and hero with torch) so I get a lot of maps which resulted in a lot of gold but no exp to raise further in level. Btw dark stone is not leveled to 10 i forgot about it, it’s sitting at 6 right now.
Best of luck too you too :slight_smile:


its quite weird guys… theres seems to be a difference between minor and major and higher traitstones. Ive been questing and playing challenges in Forest of Thorns for a while to get nature stones and so far Ive gotten: 9 minor nature, 5 major water and 1 runic water. Thats it… zero minor waters, zero major natures… So unless Iam very unlucky guy, that means each kingdom gives two sets of traitstones - one minor and major and better.

So Forest of Thorns seems to be giving me major water and minor natures. I was questing and doing challenges in Whitehelm before and that one seems to be just wind / wind (if I remember correctly).

But HEY, thats JUST a THEORY… a GAME THEORY… thanks for watching

(would be nice if someone else can confirm this)

Ive done 10 more games in Forest of Thorns:

5 minor nature
2 major water
3 without a stone drop

so the theory seems to hold for now

Forest of Thorns is the only oddball so far. I believe the Majors and Runics are actually supposed to be Nature, but an error likely occurred in the coding making them Water, which explains why the only appearing stones are 1 specific color for each minor, major, and runic.

Hey, @Sirrian, @Nimhain, either of you two want to check trait stone drops for Forest of Thorns?
I believe there is a minor bug occurring. :bug:

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Seems as a bug to me as well…

Today Ive finished the entire storyline of quests in Forest and it was like before - only minor natures and major waters.

Ive started playing Wild Plains next and it behaves as you would expect - minor fire, minor nature, major fire and major nature all dropping consistently.

So I think theres an error in the code that makes Forest drop major water instead of major nature. Since Forest banner is double green mana, I think it should just be nature all the way…

Thanks for pointing this out to us. We had a look at Forest of Thorns and the Major/ Runic traitstones had been put in incorrectly. We will be pushing a fix out in a little while.


You guys see this^ This is what a great game design team person looks like and i love it. a like/heart is not good enough but a hug or kiss might be more appropriate.


Promises, Promises :wink:

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if i meet you in real life i will hug you and kiss you

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