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Add kingdom names to troop cards

Hello,game maker, me and my friends used to find the exact kindom of a troop while reading it’s detail. and somehow i still get a little uncomfortable when i want to find whick kindom is of the troop.

we really want it back!


Developers said on their previous live stream that they are looking into ways to put kingdom’s name on cards.
They will be adding this as soon as they figure out where to put the actual text.
They said that previous system was bad because most players didn’t know what icon represents which kingdom.

Yea, it is very hard to find proper place for a Kingdom name…

blighted lands

Btw. Accidentally I wrote very simillar topic to yours and I didn’t know you made it… Maybe change the topic name to something more specific? (And I don’t know how to delete topics)


I did this.

The kingdom name fits well here, but I really hope they don’t continue to leave the text unbordered or unshadowed, rendering it almost unreadable on certain card borders, especially on the smaller view.

Actually yes, you are right. I did this quickly in Paint so it looks almost the same as original card (hehe). But later I plan to play with the cards and make a thread to show how I would design a Troop card. Even though I know they won’t implemet it but I will have fun doing this for sure.


Kingdom icons should have never been removed from the troops without being replaced with another means of providing the information. Having to use external means to find out what kingdom a specific troop belongs to is extremely user-unfriendly (as is having to “sort by kingdom” 30+ times to find that troop, if you choose to go that route).

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Be nice too if you could click on the kingdom to see what troops are from there (without having to go to troops and filter that option).