Would Like to See Kingdom Name on a Character Card

As an enhancement request, I’d like to see the name of a character’s kingdom somewhere on the card. We used to have this before 1.0.8.

Usually I’d like to know which kingdom someone is in to determine which character’s trait I want to unlock (when I’m lucky enough to have more than one option).

The closest we have to that under the current setup is the tiny crest that appears in the lower right-hand corner of the card. It’s hard enough to tell the crests apart when playing on an iPad, but it’s next to impossible on a phone.

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I’d like to see this as well. The crests are hard to see even on a TV and some of them are way too similar to each other.

+1 for this, those banners are way to small for those of us playing on mobile, and they are really similar to each other, it’s really hard to guess which is which.

Ditto on the Kingdom name.

+1 I agree