Can we get the Kingdom Icon back?

That really would be helpful.
I have to go through Kingdoms one by one, if I try to to which one a specific troop belongs.

The shields were removed because they were too small on some devices and many players couldn’t match shields with kingdoms. They want to use the kingdom names instead on the troop cards. They are going through UI iterations at the moment.


That would be awesome too.

Looking forward to this then!

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Also not the whole kingdom name is needed on the cards. If they want to make sure that listing the kingdoms names on the cards, it would be cool to see it as simple as possible with as few letters as possible. F.example: Blighted L. Instead of Blighted Lands and Leonis Instead of Leonis Empire. I personally think that its better to have fewer letters without the whole kingdoms names, cuz it gives better options when it comes to the letter sizes and easier to find the space on the cards themselves.