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How is deathknight boosted this week?

Boosted 10% but not a beast?

From Ghulvania I believe is why.

Oh… I didn’t realize that worked like that. Heck, I have no idea which heroes came from where.

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Yep, that’s it, thank you!

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That’s because, for some ridiculously bizarre reason, there is absolutely nothing in game that denotes where a troop is from unless you filter by a kingdom. They removed the Kingdom icons from the cards and haven’t replaced the information anywhere else.

Honestly, I don’t have all the icons memorized, so either way it was no help.
But yea, it would be great if there is some kind of kingdom indication (in TEXT).

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Yeah, neither did I, but it was something.

Not entirely true, the background on a card actually tells you what kingdom it’s from. Not that it’s a clear indication, because now you have to remember kingdom backgrounds, and sometimes it isn’t even very visible at all, but hey, it is there! :wink:

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