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Gold Event Chest

a chest that

  • could drop more or less what gold chests do, but
  • the drops limited to evented kingdom

whatever the way to implement it, maybe add small chance to drop epic troop? i dont know should it cost gold or just use one event key to open 2 gold event chests for example? any way to implement it but some way please :slight_smile:


Sirrian already said that they are looking for a way to add this

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We know there’s a new event system coming, that should change the way/s we currently get new troops and troops via event keys.

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wait where can i find info about that?
i thought new event system is rather additional rewards for doing certain ‘tasks’ had no idea it touched already existing chests /weekly events?

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Personally I don’t see much point in adding yet another type of the keys. It most likely will mean we’d get less of the other keys “to balance things out”. I rather keep getting the normal event keys and gem keys, ascending higher rarity troops is difficult enough already.

If anything, I would suggest a re-work of the gold keys. The moment player has 4 copies of any given troop ascended to mythic (be it common or rare), reduce the drop rate of this troop from the gold key chest by 50% (or insert any other number you’d be comfortable with).

Removing them from the chest entirely would make it too easy to get to the point where we get pure resources (i.e. no cards at all) from the gold keys, so that’s probably not happening. But I think lowering the drop rate of the cards people don’t need anymore is a reasonable idea.

(I would also suggest lowering the drop rate of Major traitstones from the gold key chests (and any other source …) above lvl500, but that’s just my unrealistic dream of seeing less of those damned stones :wink: )

fully behind you on the major traitstones, though i’d be surprised if anything changed.

i’d settle for more troops to require more majors for traiting, that’s been mentioned in the past but i’ve yet to see it have a major dent on my stash.

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I believe it was attempted when guild guardians were released (they require more major traitstones), sadly they also require relatively more runics and arcanes, which resulted in no real change at all. I really liked the idea someone had a while back, that Major traitstones could replace minors for 2nd/3rd trait of higher rarity troops. Or maybe remove (or decrease) the Runics for some of the traits, at the cost of increasing the Major cost by “a lot” (i.e. instead of 10 runics, make it 5 runics and 30 majors, or something along those lines). But that’s an idea that makes more sense if the drop rates of major traitstones won’t be changed in any way (i.e. still will be a plague for pretty much anyone above lvl200).

Actually, I wouldn’t mind troops if troops of the same rarity were to dynamically adjust their drop rates to promote an even distribution within the player collection.

For a simple example, suppose there are only two Rare troops, A and B, you own 50 A and 10 B. Drop rates for A should be [B / (A + B)] = 10/60 = 16.67%, drop rates for B [A / (A + B)] = 50/60 = 83.33%. If you get an additional B, drop rates for A would change to 11/61 = 18.03%, for B to 50/61 = 81.97%. It’s possible to extend that formula to work with any number of troops, with chances not differing as extreme as in this example. The effect is that underrepresented troops eventually catch up with overrepresented troops, while still all of them keep dropping.

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I think once a troop gets to mythic and you have 4x copies they should be dropped out of the pool. It will make newer/older players have a better chance of getting troops they need. If they have 4x all rarities have them subbed out for other resources souls, gold, glory, etc. The developers have said that a player should not need more than 4 troops once they are mythic. Now just have something to use those souls for after troops lol.

Can we look at a traitstone chest instead? I mean one that drops only traitstones including arcanes?
With all the new troops coming out weekly Explore, for my luck, is practically useless.
I get farther and farther behind every week.

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I already proposed something similar in another thread

i dont think they ever gonna change drop rates within any kind of chest, especially not a ‘flexible’ drop rates
adding different kind of chest is another story

the difference is that the drop rates (especially flexible ones) go behind money and it will require whole lot of statistics and and talks with 505 which is probably something just as slow if not slower then the buff for arena rewads you were requesting. and they can use existing keys for the new chest, dont have to add new kind