Event Chest Winnings Seem Uneven

Anyone seeing an uneven distribution of troops from the event key chest this week? I have used 5 event keys and have only gotten Herdmaster, nothing else! That seems a little odd to me. In the past events, I have not noticed such a disparity.

While I would really like Ragnagord, I am reluctant to use any more keys for this event.

Hi, I think its normal with such repetive pulls when it comes to Event chests.


I had gotten Rowanne out of an event chest this week. I have no idea why.

Thanks for the replies.

I did not do all 5 keys consecutively but over a couple of days.

Stone Giant is my most popular event troop pull. Its just RNG being fickle

:grin::grin: Probably. Thanks

It’s always like this. The event chests contain almost exclusively troops from that week’s kingdom, so you will often see many of the same ultra-rares. If you want variety, get gem chests.

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I never know all the troops for the event. It did not seem that Herdmaster was one.

Herdmaster isn’t, the event keys aren’t locked to kingdoms.

For ultras. Supposedly Epics and Legendaries are supposed to be from the kingdom only. Though I’ve had 1 that wasn’t too.

On console this week (at least, up until tomorrow when the week resets), the featured Event kingdom is Divinion Fields. It’s understandable that you’ve received a larger amount of Herdmaster because it’s a blue ultra-rare and the event chests apparently prefer to give out the ultra-rares associated with that kingdom.

For Divinion Fields, these are the cards featured in the “Mess with the Bull” event chest:

Herdmaster (ultra-rare)
Atlanta (city epic from questline)
Ragnagord (epic)
Bul’Tauros (featured epic, purchasable with Glory)
Orion (legendary)

Just looking over this list, I can make some rough predictions about what you can expect from 5 event keys:

3+ Herdmasters OR
1 or 2 blue ultra-rares from another city AND
1 Bul’Tauros… but only if you’ve already purchased him with Glory!

Your chances of getting Orion are really, really, really low :construction_worker: But if you do get a legendary from the chest, it will be Orion rather than someone else.

I am basing my preliminary observations above from my recent event chest pulls from the PC/Mobile version, which last week featured Sword’s Edge. Out of 44 or 45 event keys used, I received x25 Knight Coronets (blue ultra rare from Sword’s Edge). I was rather upset that I was getting troops from Adana, Khaziel, Stormheim, Whitehelm and Zaejin rather than the Shadow Dragon legendary.

That is great detail. I tried 5 keys and got 2 Ultra Rare and 3 Epics. No Bul’Tauros, I had purchased him. Thought you might like to know what I got.

1 Black Beast
1 Blade Dancer
2 Sacred Guardian
1 Chimera


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I got a Rowanne out of the event chest. Only happened once, don’t know why.

Did get 2 Orions out of 40 chests though.

You’re welcome Gemgirl! Incidentally, you said there that you used another 5 event keys and that you received 3 epics (purple cards)? But in that entire list above (which is much appreciated, ty) there are no epics, it consists solely of blue ultra-rares from Zaejin, Pan’s Vale, Whitehelm and Pridelands…

Where on earth were the Divinion Fields troops in that chest?!

This total hodgepodge of troops would explain why Shiratori received a Rowanne epic (Forest of Thorns). But it’s rather misleading to continuously show ‘Ragnagord’ as the featured Divinion epic from that chest… when NO ONE that I know of actually got Ragnagord at a frequency higher than the random chance that you’d normally expect pulling him from a Glory chest.

Well I was going to open 50 event chests when Darkstone is live so I’ll see what those result are.

@Shiratori PC is also weird in how it gives epics that are not from that weeks kingdom.

I just opened 10 event
5 sacrificial priest
2 ancient horror
1 green seer
2 aborath

@death Perhaps the Event Chest has been stuffed with an incorrect ultra rare troop?

KARAKOTH Event Chest on PC/Mobile
Should contain the following troops:

Ancient Horror (ultra rare)
Sacrificial Priest (ultra rare)
Ferit (epic)
Cthyryzyx (epic)
Green Slime (epic) apparently missing, misplaced by Green Seer?
Abhorath (legendary)

2 aborath out of 10 event chest, amazing pulls!

So the Legendary drop from an Event chest can only be the legendary(s) from that kingdom, however the other rarities are not as exclusive as the legendary. Each event chest has a higher drop rate of ultra-rares and epics from the current event’s kingdom, but it does contain some troops from other kingdoms. As we add more troops to kingdoms in the future we will switch more of these extra troops out to be replaced with the new kingdom troops. This should hopefully help balance event chests more towards a means to get those kingdom troops.

@Eika I was very pleased with the drops.
Only needed 1 for mythic.:wink:

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