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Event chests and Mythics

How about spicing up Event Chests? For the price they seem eh. Maybe include the chance for a specific mythic that rotate on daily or weekly basis. Specific Mythics are going to get harder and harder the more there are if you miss them the first time, at least having the chance to get a specific one would be great.


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I would also like to see the reward for defense victories, to include more than a single event key. 60 defense wins isn’t something that most people will get more or even once a week. I don’t know why such a high premium has been put on event chests.


Agreed, the defense win rewards need a buff. At least make it worth 3-5 keys.


I get the feeling rewards overall haven’t kept up with the sheer number of troops, and alternative options to gather resources. There would have to be something in the mix to address this. @Sirrian, @Nimhain, any chance that we could see some reward revision in the near future? Even, better yet, a statement regarding how y’all feel about the nature of the in-game rewards as a whole. cross-fingers holds-breath

Agree 100%. With the event keys I have earned the rewards have not been great

i am not sure if getting ‘even more extra rewards’ for something that you already gained ‘rewards’ and ‘the extra rewards’ is good :stuck_out_tongue:

i mean you get rewards for pvp and defense fights normally with some glory and a nice pool of gold, then there is even extra glory if its a revenge (aka a deffense scoring battle) then there are extra souls gold and the event key once a while also extra, yet you want even more extra :stuck_out_tongue: