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Need Mythics in Event Chests

Currently, there is a 0% chance to get any mythic from event chests. One thing I have been noticing with mythics is that people with lower amount of resources who want older mythics struggle greatly to find them. While they are supposed to be hard to obtain, there is currently no way in the game to target older mythics.

I feel like event chests should be changed to offer a drop rate for mythics at a rate in between that of gem chests and VIP chests (more towards gem chests). To allow for targeting, it would be great if event chests would also only ever drop 1 specific mythic per event week. This would allow for the first method to target mythics for anyone who wasn’t able to obtain one during an exclusive week. With 3 and soon to be 4 mythics in the game, it is just going to become increasingly more difficult to get a specific 1 that a player may want.

This would also expand the value of event chests to be worth the extra 5 gems each compared to a gem key as well as the $50 legend packs, the Spoilers of War, and the 60 defend win free key.


folks in my group discussed this exact issue. Three of us each week on release grind / play or pay to get enough gems to run VIP chests, use glory, use keys - whatever it takes to try and get the mythic drop that week on release…

The other of us, newer player - simply doesn’t have access to the same quantity of play time or resources, so he’s playing catch up. He has lucked into one mythic, but he is purely subject to RNG for another to drop as he has missed the event weeks. It’s not necessary, but he feels like he’s part of the “have nots” vs. the “haves” in that reguard.

As well, most of us have missed ‘most’ of the event only hero weapons. It seems like those two could make an appearance - somewhere, (not necessarily event chests) but in mini-games on weekly rotation or somewhere in game - so folks could have a shot at earning those too.

It’s all the same problem in effect - a player can encounter / play against stuff in game, that s/he has no reasonable chance of getting themselves - though other players do have them… that’s not a good feeling. It creates “haves” and “have nots”.

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I don’t think it makes sense, thematically. They aren’t part of the standard events and they don’t fall into the normal kingdoms. Event Chests have a very particular purpose in my mind, and this would muddle that.

But event chests also contain non-targeted runics and arcanes, as well as some specific troops that are not in the weekly kingdom. does that make more thematic sense to you? I don’t see why mythics can’t be the same. People will be more happy getting a mythic than they are now when getting a random non-kingdom troop or a runic they don’t need.


I don’t think it makes sense either.
Event chests are giving out troops from the Kingdom the event is taking place in.

Maybe if they hold some special event in Apocalypse for the reunion of the 4 hoursemen, an event not like the others, that wouldn’t be limited to a PvP reset and some limited time glory reward.

For the record, I’m saying this without having dropped a single mythic despite having spent over 10K gems in gem chests and more than 15K glory keys…

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They have various other random troops not from the event kingdom in event chests. I pulled many unwanted ultra rare troops from various kingdoms this week from event keys. So, there is no real reason not to have Mythics drop from event keys as long as the chests continue to drop other random non-kingdom cards.


Yeah, well, none above what? Epic?
I can say for sure I never got a foreign legendary in an event chest, why should I get a Mythic?

I’ve gotten one mythic so far & I’m still amazed that it dropped. And you know what? That’s fine.

It’ll happen or it won’t. That’s part of the game. I don’t need any of them. Even if I got them, I couldn’t trait them. Having multiple mythics that I wanted to–but couldn’t–trait would just stress me out.

Mind you, I wouldn’t protest if the others dropped.


Yeah agreed. Event chests should be more exciting either way.

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It’s time consuming, but the new explore with the fastest team you can build, playing on normal - makes traiting them doable… but it’s no small task and time commitment. Just sayin…

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I have had no luck with Plague this go around. I have spent glory, glory keys and gems on both gems chests and vip chests with no luck. No Plague. And with Death coming out soon I figure it’s just another troop that I’m going to have a heck of time finding no matter what or how much I spend to get it.

I also spent over 20k in glory keys and that many gems on vip chests before I finally got Plague. If Death is that difficult to obtain then they can keep it as far as I’m concerned.


I really like the idea of adding mythics to event chests. But I think they need to fix those event chests up a bit so they are not dropping epic and ultra rare troops from other kingdoms. One of the most frustrating things for me in this game.

There really is no excuse why they cannot fix that.