Possible monetization -- chest opening

Pay $1.00 to open “all” your chests, or something along those lines.

It’s silly, but it might generate a little money and no FTP players would (should) complain. I guess you could complain that it’s not free for everybody. But the fact is it’s not available

I’ll have 20,000 chests to open for the next Kingdom and who knows how many for the one after that. 10,000 at least.
SPOILERS: Suncrest and Urskaya

For $1 every time a new kingdom comes out? Totally worth it.

It would be hard though because not everyone (including me) wants to open (necessarily) ALL their chests.

Maybe for $1 the option to open all chests would appear for 24 hours on top of each chest and you can use it or not, by chest type.

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Or if they don’t want to monetize it, just add the option for everyone.

Or make it a feature that you can purchase one time for maybe 5-10 dollars and unlock the option forever. Or make it part of the VIP system (maybe between 3-6) to encourage free to play players to spend approximately the price of a AAA title.


Hmm… I’m going to go ahead and say that, no, this is probably not something they should monetize. A large number of players are getting at least 670 gold keys per week, with more and more players opening thousands or tens of thousands during new kingdom releases due the the way drops work, and the chest interface has never caught up to support this. Paywalling what is becoming a necessary UI adjustment doesn’t seem the right way to go here. I wouldn’t want to see this as a low level VIP feature even, and I have VIP 7.

To put it another way, I’m willing to pay for extra convenience, but I won’t put my money toward “not horribly inconvenient” which is how the chest system (and a couple other things, like leveling to a specific not-max level and ascension) are currently set up. Having a terrible RSI inducing interface and then paying for a slightly more convenient one, event just a dollar, sends the wrong message about the game and how they make their money as a whole. Not that I wouldn’t pay, personally, I more than likely would, but I wouldn’t be happy about it, and this is the kind of thing have been a dealbreaker for me had it been a part of the game when I was originally researching it. Also, as you pointed out, I don’t ever want to open all my chests, but “enough” of them.

If/when the chest interface is updated for everyone, preferably with the ability to open a selectable amount of keys into the thousands at a time, I’ll gladly show my support with an incidental purchase elsewhere.


I agree! Selling Keys AND having option to pay to use the keys is BAD Business. This is more of an interface issue and selection issue. Current Chest options are 1, x10 (10 Chests), x5 (50 Chests).

  1. Just make all the options multiples of 10.
  2. Add a fourth Chest option.

We would then have 1, 10, 100, 1,000. Let the developers figure the changes in the discount rate for 100 & 1,000 Chest and everyone is all set to make dramatic Chest Opening Videos:)

Edit Note: selectable sliders must be difficult in the current mobile environment as the community has been clamoring forever to get them for ascension, but the are all over the place on console. Plus the discount might be a little harder to determine for the player.

I always wondered why this wasn’t initiated. The cynic in me wonders if it is because it would improve your chances to get certain rarities. Example if you have 1 in 1000 chance to get a mythic from a glory key and you open 1000 keys should you not get a mythic? Whereas every time you open 50 chests its a “new” chance. Unless the randomness is per key which makes the point moot.

Thoughts on this?


Of course I’d rather have it for free.

But if the choice is no open all feature, or open all feature for a small fee… I know what I’d choose.

Developers have to make money, and changes like these fall through the cracks because they don’t usually monetize well.

Unfortunately, we limit the amount of chests that can be opened to 50 as requests to open more chests have the potential to overload the servers. There’s nothing worse than trying to open a whole bunch of chests and having the game freeze!


I’d consider that a quality of life improvement that nobody ever should have to pay for.

Some similar “possible monetization” ideas:

  • Pay $1.00 to only have to click once to ascend a troop.
  • Pay $1.00 to disenchant all extra troops.
  • Pay $1.00 to not return to the world map after each Explore.
  • Pay $1.00 to skip all pending AI animations and directly move forward to the resulting board state.

how about “Open Continuously” option?

request to server opening by 50 pieces each, in one summary window list that would auto-update (add more items, or show only last 50) itself as the next 50 request is being processed and so on…

all a player would need to do is:

  • Click “Open Continuously”
  • Look at the screen as the list grows and keys amount shrinks
  • Click “Stop” or wait till it stops itself due to lack of keys

You are thinking in too small of terms…

They should just charge a “weekly Server Data Storage” fee and remove a percentage of your troops, gold, gems, Traitstones, etc. from everyone’s account based on it size. They you could “pay” to retain it. /s

That was the reasoning being given before the servers were moved, and I think most of us know that they were severly overloaded at the time. But I don’t think it really applies anymore now that the server migration is 100% done?!!?? Or does it? @Sirrian can you answer this perhaps?

To OP @Ariel

I too want to open all the chest but IMO this is not a really good idea for monetizing. Money needs to be made but monetizing basic functions of an application would enrage the player base and drive customers away. I don’t think anybody would want that side effect!



  1. You might want to please read Sirrians other recent post before you begin your summoning circle with the @ symbol.

2. In all seriousness The OP has a good idea (open more chests) with bad implementation (pay). Please check: if we can’t have a 4th Chest would be possible to have 3 multiples of 10? 1, 10, 100.

Thank you

What makes you think that it is OK for you to talk to me this way?? You really don’t need to be a sarcastic ass.

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@Saltypatra might be able to provide a more official response, but having done this type of stuff before, the number of variables involved are huge, so this is probably one of those times where the issues are too complex for trivial explanations. But the biggest thing I can think of is the scale of the difference, which is orders of magnitude. Going from 50 chests to 20k+ is huge, obviously. But also keep in mind that players aren’t generally opening these keys at different times, and the majority are being opened the day a new kingdom rolls. Generally speaking, it’s much easier to scale a bunch of smaller jobs than a few big ones (lots of caveats here, this is VERY general). But with all that said, I’d love “deep dive” developer explanations if they are able/willing to give them, just to see behind the curtain a bit :wink:

Very respectfully, I don’t see the sarcasm or lack of civility with this comment. I think he was just reminding us that a couple of the devs (who shall not be named) have recently expressed a desire to step back from the community a bit, and that we should use @Saltypatra as our liason with them now. I know personally I’ll be trying to respect their wishes and stop tagging them, but I appreciate @Strat 's reminder since it will be a tough habit for me to break.


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@Strat does have a point, and its official news


[quote=“KrudlerTheHorse, post:16, topic:22212, full:true”] I would appreciate it if you don’t apologize for the behavior of somebody else, and instead please let them step up and talk it over with me if they want to, thank you very kindly.
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