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From what I’ve read, it sounds like while getting legendaries is obviously much easier than getting mythics, getting the last few copies of a specific legendary you need is still really difficult (and you’re far more likely to get an extra copy of a different legendary). Also, when I read your earlier comments that the dev replied to, it sounds like you’re saying that you already have a guaranteed way to get mythics and you “would pay the $50 no problem”, but that your problem was duplication and getting “one of the 3 Mythics I already have”. So that’s what I believe the devs were responding to, the ability to “target” (which is also the word they used), and not the ability to simply get more high level cards than you do now.

With that said, as you have clarified that your opinion and that your request is actually for both targeting AND an easier way to get them, my opinion is that targeting is a good idea and increased odds is a bad idea. Obviously some will agree with you and some with me, that’s cool, just giving feedback to the devs :wink:


That definitely wasn’t the case for me. While a couple of legendaries were elusive (Sheggra and Moloch) I never at any time felt like they were out of reach simply because they’re probability to drop is so much higher than mythics.

As for the mythic issue, check one of my subsequent posts. While Path to Glory is something I would pay $50 for to get A mythic I don’t already have, I’m not inclined to pay $300 for ALL of the mythics I don’t already have.

In that sense, it’s still two issues:

  1. We need the current avenues to get Mythics to be more reliable AND
  2. We need more avenues to get them, no matter how small.
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You might only be concerned about mythics, but for new players the growing legendary pool is going to cause the same problem. I didn’t get queen mab until I was over level 1000. I still haven’t got the imp of love, and I can attest that targeting one legendary is like urinating into the wind


Well the Imps are limited availability, so they’re much more like Mythics even though they are Legendary base rarity.

And while the ever expanding troop pool is going to make legendaries harder to acquire, the sheer volume of avenues there are to get them is also much, much higher than Mythics.

Yes, targeting legendaries is hard and will get even more difficult. It isn’t however, completely futile. Targeting mythics is exactly that - completely futile.


you wont get the legendary problem for so long anymore since guild tasks introduced event keys
if one makes good use of them they wont suffer until 1000 level, it will be done much sooner (im guessing arond 500lv)

With 27 kingdoms you’re still looking at over 6 month intervals for Event week to cycle around. Which is why I suggested - Kingdom Specific Chests


It’s exactly the way to look at it.

If it’s going to be a stupid high ridiculous number, (over 30) then it’s just another “for the chosen few” and they should just spend the time on new kingdoms and stuff everyone can actually use.

The Mythics as they are now are just a cascading cluster. Make them accessible or quit wasting time on them.

If crafting isn’t held back by rng, time-gating, or some other restriction, i’ll eat my shorts.

And while i’m eating my shorts, you eat them sour grapes.

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I’ve stopped caring what they do. There’s little point in putting any faith in them for tany of this.

But you can go on paying for it. I’m not.

How are daily non-consecutive logins “for the chosen few?” I’d say it’s about as casual an approach as it gets, and it’d be accessible to anyone who has a modicum of patience. Just remember to log in once between your therapist appointment and your thrash-metal concert.


Still mad?


Mad about what? I’m not mad. Just trying to clear up your misconceptions.


Yeah i’m just waiting til next week so I can buy some more guild seal packs. I hate having to wait for things. :rage:

But about the Mythic troops, I don’t save keys for them. So i’m never disappointed. That being said, I wouldn’t mind being able to target them. Whatever they want to do.

Then you’d realize that I’m not bringing up a “misconception”.

The point is to add stuff to the game that makes people “want” to log in, not feel like they “have” to log in.

If you can’t see where this falls, I can’t help you and you’re better off not responding to my posts. You’ve made it clear that my presence here makes you anxious and upset and I hope I’ve made it clear that I wouldn’t pour a flat Coke on you if you were on fire.

I think you missed the original point.

Most of us are already logging in every day. Implementing something like this would essentially be free currency for doing something we already do.

So the whole “want” vs. “need” doesn’t even apply.


Coke’s gross anyway. (Also, I don’t really value your opinion of me.)

@htismaqe has it right. People log in as it is and the changes as proposed would essentially be giving you something for “free.” You’re constantly whinging about how you want everything handed to you on a silver platter, this basically is a way for you to get that (with patience), and still you complain. I suppose there’s no satisfying some folks, but it’s quite disingenuous to call this a reward “for the chosen few” when the reason why it resonates with everyone except you is that it doesn’t favor the “haves.”


Why you gotta be nasty to people?

Get behind me, Satan!


It would make little sense for them to introduce a system where you can get Mythics in <=30 days. People would then be able to grind for every new Mythic as they’re released and there would be no reason to spend on them. And since you can drop them randomly in many other places, you would invariably get some and save those resources. It thus needs to take considerably more than 30 days to craft a Mythic. Otherwise it essentially defeats the purpose of having a super rare card that people spend money on chasing.


[quote=“Xantheus, post:287, topic:20006”]
I’m hoping that some day they can add a feature something along the lines of Raid Bosses. Where your guild can cooperatively fight a boss and its minions to obtain a currency that can be used towards the guild and upgrading it for Guild Wars such as upgrade to armor, attack, magic, life (Upgrade only works for GuildWars/GuildBossRaids). This upgrade can reset monthly if need be…

To unlock the Boss Fight the guild has to defeat each guardian (With its own set of troops) in order to get guardian seals, once every seal is obtained the boss is encountered. Just random ideas that can give people a PVE end to enjoy as well if they don’t care for the PVP end as much but still want to contribute. (Guild Wars giving points as well as the Boss battle in Raids giving its own set of points can give players incentive to play both)

Points in both Guild Raid and Guild Wars can be used as a special currency in being able to buy “artifacts” that can be put together to “Summon” a mythic. It could even be where a certain mix of artifacts can make a specific mythic spawn but not let it be known which mix makes what so it’s as if you’re learning how to summon them. You then unlock the option of giving them offerings to have them join you. Have a ton of souls you have to offer them in order to give them life force, then keys of certain rarities and gold for tribute/payment. I think this would be an interesting way of going about it.
[/quote] I was hoping to get feedback on this idea as I felt it would be more fun than a daily log in token which means no new content and just the same old grind of “Gotta log in to get my token” I felt at least with this idea we could have more things to do to make it more interactive and fun.

My new pet conspiracy theory: Mgla is actually Pasa and forgot his log-in credentials.