Input Chests to Open

Can we have an option to input how many chests we want to open? For example if I have 1.5 million gold and I wanted to spend it all on chests, having to click the button sequence 100 times is super annoying. It would be nice to just mass open them.

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You shouldnt be spending gold on chests /s

It’s a server strain issue. They could probably work around it by letting you open X batches of 50 chests at a time, though.

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I totally agree with you. Spend your gold mainly to upgrade Kingdom, Faction Hoard,

Use your keys to open chests.

It was an example, and how someone spends their resources is up to them, I don’t think that’s a viable dispute against a feature request.

With the gold example though, I’ve got factions maxed, I contribute far above guild minimums, and all my kingdoms are 16-18 and I never have an issue with gold when I need to level one. The issue is with other resources, which gold chests can generate, albeit at a terrible return; but when there is an abundance of gold, it’s not the worst idea.

That’s insightful, thank you! Yeah I think X batches of 50 would be great. Also cleaner. Great revision!