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REQUEST: Can we buy keys to use later?

I’m a fan of event keys, as they are great to hunt specific Ultra Rares for ascension, but if I want to get, say 10 of the current ultra - I don’t know how many chests I’ll need to crack but it probobly wont be 50, and I don’t want to have to buy them 1 at a time as it is poor value.

People have stated that a pop up would be great on the 50 chest option to avoid accidentally opening chests they weren’t wanted, which is a great idea, but could it look like the following:

  • Open 50 Chests
  • Buy 50 Keys
  • Cancel



I was always curious about this too. When I initially saw there plan for the rework of chests, I assumed it would be buy 1, 10, 50, but not use right away. Based on how there is a display screen, I assumed they would be capable of being held as well as useable all at once. I assume all at once would be beyond the limitations of their program, but being able to hoard keys for an upcoming update should be allowed. It makes it easier to know how much gold goes to kingdoms, guild, keys, and other expenses when each one of them immediately reduce your resources. With keys, a person just has to guess how much gold and other resources need to be saved to buy X number of keys before the next event, kingdom, etc.

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