Key Opening Options - A year and a half later

I’d like to revisit some of the feedback and suggestions made when the open 200 key option was implemented way back in December 2017. The lack of having an option to open “a few” keys at a time once you have more than 50 on hand continues to be one of those issues that has never been addressed. I suspect most people just gave up and continually open larger packs than they really want to because smaller packs aren’t available or just accepted it as a reality.

When the initial feedback was given, we were told that because of the way key openings were implemented on the back end, all of the key opening options had to use the same buttons, and it was not something that could be easily changed. For example, if we wanted a 200 gold key open option, we have to have a 200 event key option under the same conditions.

My counter suggestion was to up the threshold at which the 200 key option appears, from 51 to 1001:

To my knowledge, there was never any response for that one. I’d like to put forth this suggestion again. I strongly prefer to open 10 keys at a time on accounts where keys are scarce, as one key at a time is really time consuming and 50 at a time is potentially too wasteful for those accounts. I’ve been opening single keys way, way more often than I ever wanted to, and it just feels like I’m fighting with the interface. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Plus, I really hate to see situations like this:

Of course, as a good long term and inclusive solution, there should be something on this interface that lets you pick an amount you want to open similar to buying stuff in the glory pack shop but doesn’t reset after each time you open it, so you can continue opening that amount of keys until you are satisfied. Including buying 200 keys directly with currency. Direct currency discounts for the gem, event, and VIP key would apply as they are now - 5% if buying 10 or more at a time but less than 50, and 10% if buying 50 or more at a time. If for some reason that is a problem, increment to multiples of 5 up to 10, 10 up to 50, and 50 from there out so that the costs and discounts are exactly the same.

But, since its been 18 months and not a word, I figured I should repeat my “up the threshold at which the 200 key option appears” as a short term workaround again.


yeah, this would be nice.

When the next Kingdom releases, I’m just putting up a ticket to open up 50k gold keys for me, because Nobody got time fo dat shit.

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“When” being the operative word.

Don’t imagine they will bother giving us a new kingdom now until all the Factions are exhausted,

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Still think it’d be nice and simple to do a “open ___ keys” button and let us put our own number in. I mean, to get a Common to Mythic… I did the math, its something like 30-32k Gold Keys for that. At 200 at a time, that’s going to be unpleasant.

I would prefer though to have 200 option only for gold/glory chests.

Or if all chest have to be the same give us 4 options for every chest type: 1/10/50/200

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Open 4+ tickets on my behalf then. :wink:

Oh I get to finally say it again…I have ALL the troops in the game. :grin:

I think I remember someone saying (maybe on stream?) that opening this many keys at once could put too much strain on the server at any one point (since that’s where the rolls happen), so batches of 200 is easier.

IF this is true, then you could still put in a number and have it say, “Opening this number of chests will take approximately x mins. Would you like to proceed?” :man_shrugging:

You’re correct, I totally remember that now. Ah well.

Showoff :wink: