3.2.5 Feedback and suggestions

I was going to say this…

Text field. Open up however many chests you want. Yes, open 1234 at once. Or 17. Who knows.


The point is: time, time is the most important resource in the game.
You need 60 clicks and have to wait for server contact 20 times.

The point is: visability, you don’t see a summary what you get (distributation of rarity) and what you consume (how many keys have I already used?).
You have to remember everything one by one and write it down.

Sample quantities are very important in a game with probabilities of success. The program is no dice. The probability of higher rarity increases after one or more samples of less rare cards.

I can’t believe how they’re making some of the decisions. It’s blatantly obvious that they just don’t play the game like the vast majority of the player base. Anyone who’s had to scrimp and save event keys in particular would see this extremely unsatisfactory from the very beginning of the thought process!
This is a real shame as opening 200 for gold and glory keys is fantastic imo.

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The explanation that keys are standardized is one I understand. This was put into place a long time ago — long before the changes to guild tasks to reduce players’ stockpiles of event keys. It was never important to allow for different levels of chest openings based on key count. Now it is, but changing it will require adding new code to the game.

This is not a trivial process, so the devs don’t want to spend time implementing it while other priorities (Dawnbringer in Arena, accessibility issues, the godawful status effect particles) remain.

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Oh I understand it, it just doesn’t make sense to anyone who plays the game a lot! Kind of a contradictory statement but you know what I mean. (I hope) lol :blush:

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So it appears that you can open 1/10/50… if you have less than (or equal to?) 50 keys. Is there any chance we can just get this “less than 50” check can just be changed to to “less than 1000”? Then the “high amount” chests can be 1/50/200 at a time or whatever basically. That would probably be satisfactory for now until this can be properly fixed.

Basically instead of:
If you have less than or equal to 50 keys of this type, display options 1, 10, 50; else display options 1/50/200 (or whatever the “high amount” ends up being)
Make it:
If you have less than or equal to 1000 keys of this type, display options 1, 10, 50; else display options 1/50/200 (or whatever the “high amount” ends up being)


Well, with only 3 buttons I think the best compromise for all kinds of chest keys is:

1, 10, 100

To open 65 chests you need 6x10+5x1 = 11 clicks
In current system you need 1x50+15x1 = 16 clicks

To open 20 chests you need 2 clicks and 20 clicks.
To open 50 chests you need 5 clicks and 1 click.
To open 200 chests you need 2 clicks and 1 click.
To open 300 chests you need 3 clicks and 3 clicks.

Anything lower than 50 and its multiples will lead the current system to extreme clicks.

To open 130 chest you need 2x50+30x1= 32 clicks and 1x100+3x10 = 4 clicks.

This would be avoided with the proposed system. The number of multiple clicks can be handled here :slightly_smiling_face:

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If they can’t change it, better to stick with the 1,10,50
However I do like mithran’s suggested workaround.

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I was going to suggest something for the game, but I feel I should comment on the key amounts first:

Now, I’m not doing any fancy math, just simply thinking about it a little, but I like the idea of 1/10/100. It gives us the ability to do singles for Daily Tasks, gives 10 batches for targeting on rare keys (like Event, which is the size I use when trying to get a new Legend out of there) and 100 as a good bulk open for Gold keys and for new players just trying to get stuff.

If you want to open 100’s of chests, it’s still faster than the old Max 50 option, but with 1 and 10, it gives you a nice pool on the small end for targeting things like a new Legendary and doing tasks. We lose the 50 option, but if you’re trying for a specific card, do you want that anyway?

Lets say you get a Mythic on the 28th Glory keys. Would you rather have spent a 50 key bundle to get it or three 10 key bundles? Even at higher opening levels, you would save a lot. Say you got it on the 273rd key, by 10’s, it only took you 7 extra keys (at 280), but by 50’s, it took you 27 extra (at 300).

Now, you might be saying, well, opening 300 or even 3,000 keys at 10 each would take a lot of time to get a Mythic. Yes, it would. But, you’re only doing this once every 4 weeks for a Mythic, wouldn’t you want to take your time and try to get it for the least amount possible. Yes, if it takes you a 1,000 keys, a 100 bundle would have been quicker, but you don’t know it will take you that many or when it would drop. What if it came on the 25th key or the 121st? Personally, I would rather take a little extra time to make sure I get it with as little resources as possible.

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So now it’s like this.
Gold 1-50-200
Glory 1-50-200
Gem 1-50-200
Event 1-50-200
Guild chests 1-10-50 (despite having almost 7k seals I can’t open 200) .
VIP 1-10-50 (despite having over 15k gems)

So they have different opening values, yet the devs said this couldn’t be done.
Am I missing something?

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It depends on how many you have on hand, like I said. The currency you can buy them with is irrelevant (eg., seals for guild chests and gems for VIP chests), if you have over 50 keys, you’ll get the 1-50-(upto)200, less than or equal to 50, you’ll get the 1-10-(upto)50. If you have less than or equal to 10 keys on hand, you can buy the 50 option with currency, less than or equal to 1 you can buy the 10 option with currency, and none you can buy all options with currency in groups of 1-10-50.


My guess is that you have more than 200 event keys. It appears that “open keys you already have” and “buy keys with currency” have different numbers associated with them.

Edit: curse you, @Mithran, and your keyboard-aided typing!

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Hey, I don’t think making burning lighter and frozen bolder will fix the issue. It still leaves the problems that others have mentioned: obscured troops when multiple effects applied, obscured status effects when multiple effects applied (the effects cancel each other out visually because of overlapping) and the general visual noise when multiple effects applied. I know that I simply don’t look at the troops and at the numbers to avoid being overwhelmed but that’s not a good gameplay.


This! Makes the most sense because it doesn’t hinder lower level players who don’t have or want to use large numbers of keys at once and still allows end gamers to use bulk amounts of keys faster. Neither is inconvenienced by the other’s convenience.

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Number of chest that should be possible to open in 1 time:

Gold chests: 10x - 100x - 500x (1x just makes no sense with gold chest)

Glory chests: 1x - 50x - 200x (or 5x - 50x - 200x if daily task is raised to open 5x glory chest)

Gems, Guild, Event and VIP chests: 1x - 10x - 50x (makes no sense to allow more than 50x with all of them)

1 makes perfect sense for Glory keys, if I only need to open 3 of them to complete a Daily Task.

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Glory keys are not so rare and this task rarely comes so wont be a big deal. Gem keys are more precious.
But 1x - 50x - 200x for glory chests fine too.

Fair point. You just said it makes no sense, like it has no purpose. I just wanted to show you a case where it did. I understand your point though.

EDIT 1: Also, honestly, if they modified the Daily Tasks by changing the 3 keys to 10 and just increasing the reward accordlting, I wouldn’t mind a system that started at 10. Maybe 10/50/100 or 200. My main concern is just those under 10 key tasks. I don’t want to have to open up extra chests for the same reward.

EDIT 2: On second thought, I would prefer 100 over 200. There’s a open 100 gold key task as well, I wouldn’t want to have to open twice the keys for it. Plus, 100 is still a pretty good pool. So, yeah, I think 10/50/100 would be great as long as the Daily Tasks are changed to 10s as well.


with 10x - 100x - 500x gold chests option, you can open 100 in one time for daily task.
I have edited glory chest numbers after your remark.
I remembered only the task to open 10 glory keys. The one with 3 is a slot 1 task?

Honestly, speaking about Daily Tasks, in general, I think as a whole they need some re-balancing. For exanple, there is a tasks where 8 battles with 3 unique Khetar troops gives you 100 souls. Really? I can do that in a battle with a crappy soul farming team. That 100 May be okay for early game players, but it’s a slap in the face to us late game players, in my opinion.

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