3.2 Feedback and Suggestions

Please direct all feedback and ideas to this thread.

Go forth and leave feedback, ideas and suggestions.

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And it begins. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, please add an actual background behind the board. It is way too hard to look at for long durations of time.


need a revert to old ui button for $/gems plox


Add a color blind option/setting. Also make the entire game the same look currently the pvp leaderboards and guild roster etc look same as always yet the menus /map are “modernized” less transperancy and some background on card stats they blend in with some cards and are difficult to see most of the time


Give troop refunds to everything with a legendary or mythic match trait, since they have all been heavily affected by this patch. Rebalance all match traits to fit new restrictions as soon as possible.

Put a black outline around your currently solid white borderless text, or at least give it a drop shadow, so it is readable on all backgrounds.

Do a pass of spell and trait descriptions so keyword search is consistent and/or add trait and spell type filters back in (as drop downs).


The new ui is almost impossible to read… i seriously got a headache within 5 minutes… the troop list is horrible… the cards during battle are impossible to read values or know when your attack is charged up… and opening up 50 chests at once looks like a cluster f@&k. Plz plz plz allow us the option to use the old ui or myself along with many others are gone.


Perhaps add shadows behind the texts it will make them stand out more and not so hard on the eyes.

Also put the numerical values back in the symbols off to the side it is too hard to read.


Fix the readability of the stat numbers on troops during game play. You could either use a small drop shadow beneath each number or stroke each number with black.


Change the brown color day on guild wars, looks like a light beige, and hard to see.

Purple also looks more pink.

Team scores are very hard to read.


The change to matches is the horrible decision no one is talking about. A bunch of troops got nerfed b/c one troop was a problem, and it wasn’t really even a nerf to the thing that made it a problem. They basically said, “Oh, Trolls are too good? Let’s nerf the hell out of a bunch of other troops!”


If I go to a kingdom and choose the wrong option it’d back me out to the map instead of the previous screen to choose the right option.

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I want to be able to see the previous troops I choose in arena 3.2 Patch Notes - #110 by Maxx


game has lost the glamour of old warrior playing
Maybe you should start another game and leave us the pleasure of the old one
or maybe you can add a button where we can choose the old outfit
UI here definitely is Ugly Image

Can’t see what i’m doing and hurting my eyes


too much white, with a weird blue border… I used to be able to play for a few hours without issue. After about 30 minutes my eyes are feeling fatigued.


Option to use Old UI or New UI.


I guess I’ll just re-write my key feedback here:

  1. I actually like the troop card design in theory but the readability issues are horrible. Between thin fonts and no solid backgrounds so the numbers have consistent contrast, it’s really bad. I honestly don’t understand how this made it through as final.
  2. The transparency on the gem board needs to go. It makes it really hard to look at the board b/c of how much the kingdom backgrounds show through.
  3. The Black/White/Gray UI is mostly bad. It’s a really bizarre choice for the Kingdom screen. As others have said, if you’re going to do it in the various menus, please just copy Skyrim.
  4. Please make it clearer what the daily color is for GW. This is super easy to miss now.
  5. For the Banner selection, Why are the banners so big and the color bonuses so small? It honestly looks comical and the sizing should be reversed. At the end of the day, I want to know the color bonuses, not the flag, so why is the important info so small?
  6. For Daily Defenses, please make Brown day look Brown and not Gray. I honestly wasn’t sure until I figured it out via process of elimination (and this should be clear to begin with).
  7. Please change the new Gem icon. It now looks even more like Diamonds.
  8. Please seriously rethink the changes to match calculations. That wasn’t the problem and it’s had really bad consequences for many troops that were underpowered while doing very little to address the myriad issues with the meta.
  9. Please make Team Score more readable (it’s totally lost on some kingdom banners).

I could live with ugly. What I can’t live with is a game that literally hurts to play. After just a few battles, my eyes started to hurt. I do not know graphics well, so can’t really make constructive suggestions, but something has to be done to make the numbers on the battle screen readable, no matter what the background. I just ran into numbers (Kerb’s attack values) that I could not see at all. For all I could tell, Kerb didn’t even have an attack value. I wish that I could make suggestions, but beyond simply undoing this change, I don’t have any. However, I do know that things have to change, or I will not be able to play the game any longer.


Just copying my post from the other thread…

  • The troop art is fit for a beautiful, colorful fantasy game. Their rims, the colors of the game, fit together with that perfectly. The new look, with the new borders, doesn’t fit at all. Also the art is smaller. This is not a beautiful, playful look anymore. This game never took itself too seriously, with all the descriptions and I loved that. The UI doesn’t reflect any of it anymore. This is my main gripe with the aesthetics. I loved my troops, the characters behind them introduced in the storylines, but now it all “lacks life” as it’s just another TCG, basically. The game was so vibrant.

  • Readability. I am visually impaired - I said that before - and I now cannot play anymore. This is not a “get used to something, people don’t like change” thing. I literally cannot see anymore. I am partially blind and have red-green vision problems. The numbers in battle are unreadable. That goes for life/armor and damage done. Green is basically zero visibility for me, white and yellow are visible with some luck (depends on troop art background). Damage is, given how quickly the numbers fade, invisible. This is not a “gut reaction” that will fade when settling in - it’s not like my eyes will get better. I am literally unable to play the game.
    Also I cannot see the stars on my kingdom anymore. I see a white dot. And rarity is basically unrecognizeable for me as well - before the border had, based on rarity, a different design, it was big and all around the troop. Now? Not very visible when part of your field of vision is blocked and the tiny border is in that…

  • I find the motivation lowered by the new design. Like, if I could play, I would not feel as motivated anymore to gain more of a troop because the visual change in design when ascending is low. It was so rewarding to see the big border change design and color when upgrading from one rarity to another. Now there’s like no change. And if I cannot even see the border, I don’t even know if my opponent is a cool dude who plays since forever and has worked on his cards a lot or not. Sure, I see in stats, but it’s like catching a shiny Pokemon - it just feels good to get a visual reward, you know?

  • I do like, however, the new chat. That is one thing I can read better now.
    I also love the new search functions and how we select from a dropdown list now, which makes selecting kingdoms faster. If, you know, I could actually see things and select what I wanted, I would be so much faster now.

  • The extra screens are so unneccessary. Why do I have to click an extra button to see the status increases the difficulties give? (Warlord and so on) Or my bonuses?

  • Also my hero is so small… why even bother buying the weak armors when there’s no visual admiring them anymore?

  • I love the other things in the patch. Well, reading them. The Wisp nerf sounds good and all that. I cannot play to test it out because again, I cannot see. But they do read nicely and it was about time.

  • All the scrolling when clicking on a kingdom and seeing the options is unneeded. It was great with the buttons before!

I agree with the people who ask to not fix the new design, use the old design. I want to reiterate: Your game was one of the best games for people with visual problems because it was colorful, things were easily visible and big (both buttons and the beautiful troop art). Now your game is unplayable with visual disabilities and I don’t understand why you would do that. Please, just give me back the old UI. I am even willing to spend more money on the game to use it. I love this game so much and this is not an issue of getting used to change - this is an issue of making a game perfect for people with disabilities unplayable all of sudden. I am sitting here and am literally in shock because I suddenly cannot play the game I spent hours upon hours and which was a part of my daily life anymore.

tl;dr: Please make old UI useable again for both aesthetic pleasure and so that the game is playable again. Right now it’s not.


Just show this tread was created… so i link my post:

When I finish an explore battle put me back into the kingdom menu instead of the map