Interface improvements requests

  • Fast list from the first moments of use

  • Troop leveling: need a +5 button or a ->15 as that looks like the most important use case. Also long and 2-part animation be optional or skip-able.

  • Troop sacrifice: the > button shall fill the bar instead of +1. We either sac to next level or not, the current way makes no sense at all.

  • Troop traits unlock: costs for upgrades beyond the first available shall be shown

  • Troop filter: creature type

  • Troop/weapon filter: multiple mana picks

  • Hero weapon selection: access to the full filter interface form anywhere, especially the arena

  • Main map: indicate the bonus attribute for cities. I was sure the shield was used only for those with +shield the others had heart or swords under the number.

  • Troops panel: ability to reorder existing teams

  • Kingdom Power: add info on points needed for each level

  • Cards: add kingdom as text


I think this was done custom on a guide’s map picture, I don’t think it was ever in the game. It would be nice though.

Everything here is good. I would like to also suggest a filter by BASE rarity, because I literally can’t find things now.

Sort by Rarity is kinda useless now

Agree, +1 to all these


I’ll be bookmarking this as it covers a lot of the issues people have with present the UI. And I needed a sort of checklist for when they’re put in.

Now most if not all these suggestions likely won’t see light apart from the +0.0.1 patches, but there all intuitive, smart, and user friendly improvements that will likely show up in time, even if only 2-3 per patch.

I won’t be expecting them to be hot patched in or all appear next big update, but I’ll be happily pleased when they do eventually show up. Thanks for compiling this comprehensive list, Pasa!


PS - that one will never happen, there isn’t room… we’ll have to learn to squint at the tiny kingdom icon instead…


For leveling, I’d like it to be a <- X -> option on the left (currently what the Sacrifice quantity selector is) and then “To Max” on the right.

I’m 300% on board with the sacrifice option.


Indeed, for leveling the optimal interface is to have < and > buttons under a card that walk -1 and +1 levels showing the preview for any particular level. And a commit (can be the one we have now with souls written on it) button that you push when happy, only that invokes the animation and spending.

I recently went through the process to bring all my kingdoms to gray star level, it practically means sending ALL the troops to lvl 3-5, it’s more than painful.


PVP area could use a (!) indicator on defense internally as well as from the main map - seeing as we now just loop straight back through the PVP area and skip the main map. Not that I’ve ever racked up three defenses while PVPing and not noticed, but it could happen.

I guess its just the feeling of ‘what the hell, I was just in there!’


+1 for the kingdom as a text thing…

with the pictures being so small, the kingdom icons are virtually undistinguishable… doesnt have to be the entire name, like first three letter would do


+1,000 to these three.

The more weapons we get, the more frustrating it is to endure the obsolete interface to select one in the Arena, all the while knowing full well that a perfectly fine and functional improvement is readily available for PVP, where you almost never need it (who uses their Hero for Invades nowadays?).

Keyword searches really need some tweaking, now. Typing “Fey” gives you all kinds of non-Fey troops who happen to have a spell or trait that does something to Fey targets; this makes it much harder to figure anything out.

I also support the bulk of the other suggestions in this thread.

Edit: I usually refrain from doing this, but just this once… @Nimhain? @Sirrian ^^ Could you please have a look at this? Many thanks in advance.


Hey guys, we DO read all the threads, even if we don’t comment!
Sometimes we like to let a discussion run its course too, without influencing it.
And sometimes we’ve read it, but are too busy to reply.

We love UI improvements and UI improvement ideas though… these threads are really valuable to us.
Because most of us here tend to eat/sleep/drink/breathe & dream about Gems of War, we’ve often thought of a lot of this stuff already, but finding time to implement is usually our biggest issue! Seeing your thoughts often helps give us a bit of direction into the priorities in which improvements should take place.


A similar option for Troop Disenchant would be nice too.