Arena troop pick suggestion

Hi everyone!
I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I’ve really been enjoying it, I think one aspect of Arena could be improved though. I think the process of picking troops would be more fun if you saw all 9 troops at the same time (still only picking one per rarity, of course). Structuring the picks like this instead would allow you to build more in terms of synergy and would also make it less likely to get “screwed” on colours.



I would like to agree or if not this at least make it so i can see what troops i have already picked.


I agree both options would be great. Another option would be to see all the troops you picked before the battle start and allow you to swap any out then start the battle.

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The way I try to establish my arena decks is to have a few weapons in mind and then pick options that either (a) don’t block my hero weapon (b) aide my top weapon or alternates (eg. Valkeryie or giant spider) (c) benefit from my hero weapon.

I think you can already see your previous troops by the faint card outlines in the background when the current 3 card choices are up?

Slightly but they are obstructed and you have a hard time telling what mana colors you chose and what your troops effects are.

Yeah, this would also be nice. For now I just write down what I’ve picked so far in case I forget, not the ideal solution.
The game could do a better job of showing information overall really. Like all abilities that are boosted by X:1 of a colour on the board could tell you how many there are so you don’t have to count.

Only the second mana color of the Rare troop pick is ever entirely obscured.
So long as you remember that secondary color you should be good.

Great idea, I second that!

I totally agree that it would be better if they displayed all 9 on screen at once so that you wouldn’t get screwed with later blind picks. It would be nice to actually match Serpent with Wyvern to get some synergy. Nothing ruins my game more than to get down to the last pick and realize that I have no good choices to match my first two.

As a side note, I’d love a scoot feature for arena too. I’m not sure if that would play against theme though.