Chest opening limit (200) is too low

Please can we open more than 200 chests at once? I can’t make it through mine with just 200 at a time…


If you start now, even 1 chest at a time, then you will be done before they implement it.


Well, if you’ve got the Cursed Runes and Celestial Traitstones to spare you can always turn them into Orbs of Clans … though at your stage that’s kinda useless without at least an ability to combine them into Major Orbs of Clans.

They will ignore your demands and continue to invest energy in making PVP worse :grinning:

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This is a regular request and the answer remains the same: It would put too much strain on the servers if lots of people opened so many chests at once.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Stop stockpiling gold keys. I’ve often wondered why people do that anyway. I use mine right away every tribute.


Oh that’s nice to know. I guess that’s why they don’t do things like release a new mythic each month, which would invite a lot of people to open so many chests all at one time…

As Gold Chest keys are essentially a free resource, I’m surprised IP2 have not applied a low cap on the number that an account can hold, thus forcing the player to use them through FOMO.

Be interesting to see what happens when someone hits the maxint hard cap :stuck_out_tongue:

Gold keys are worthless for players who have all troops though are they not? I think people just forget to use them we get them so fast

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Troops might be worthless once you’ve accumulated that many gold chest keys, but the amount of glory and gold is not so trivial.


Gold keys DO also reward gems. Sometimes its even worth injuring my index finger on iPad opening a bunch of chests for them.


Just dont stockpile them, the gold and gems can add up nicely.

I open batches of 200 Gold chests as part of my morning routine, simply for the gradual trickle of Gems. The rest of the stuff from the chest ranges from the mostly useless (Gold, which goes into mythic guild tasks) to completely useless, but I’ll spend a healthy amount of Gems farming Deeds from various sources.

I know I’ve already reached a point where they are useful for little beyond free Disenchanting material … I typically won’t spend them until they hit triple digits.