Chest Key Amounts

I’m sure this was changed initially because of users wanting an option of more than 50, but right now the totals for opening chests with keys are either 1, 50, or 200.

This works fine for the most part with gold and glory chests, but when you get around to the harder to obtain keys such as gem and event keys, having to either open chests one at a time is frustrating and slow, or 50 is too many to open at once when you might only have 100 to begin with.

My suggestion is to either:

  1. add 4 options. 1, 10, 50, 200
  2. Make Gold and Glory keys open at a 1, 50, 200 clip, and then make gem, Event and VIP keys open at a 1, 10, 50 clip.

I don’t think anyone but the 0.001% of top players will be dropping 200 gems keys at a time to open things. 50 should be plenty.

Otherwise, we’re stuck opening many chests 1 at a time since I would like to see if I can get what I would like without dropping 50 keys.




1, 50, 200 for gold and glory
1, 10, 50 for other.

Imagine someone with 1m gems complaining
“Maaan, it’s so tiresome to only open 50 VIP at once.
I want a 200 option. So that I can see 5 Mythics found on my screen”.

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They can’t have 4 options, we have already been told this.


Hope they can give us a drop down menu and pick a number, same with glory purchases.

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They can’t have four options as it is structured now. They also can’t have different amounts for different chests… again, as it is structured now. They can change this, but basically it boils down to it being much more complex issue than most people would think it would be. Because of this, we will probably not get a long term solution for quite a while, but it doesn’t hurt to drop some suggestions in for if and when they ever get around to it.

I know this is hyperbole, but even now, nobody is ever going to have a 1/50/200 VIP option because the switch over from the buttons displaying 1/10/50 to 1/50/200 happens when you have 51 keys on hand (currency to buy keys with is irrelevant). Counting the “gift” VIP keys from the anniversary and Christmas events, it would take about two years of buying Path to Glory 1 plus Typhoon of Keys and every VIP key mini pack available to have 51 VIP keys on hand.

Long term, something like this is really what is needed.

My hotfix (short term) recommendation was to up the limit at which the amounts of keys you are allowed to open changes. Right now, you get the 1/50/200 option if you have 51 or more keys of a given type, and 1/10/50(or whatever you have left if you have < 50 but > 10, and the option to buy 50 if you have < 10, etc) otherwise. I proposed you only get the 1/50/200 choices if you have 1001 or more keys. This would leave them as a viable option to open most of your glory and gold keys, while also giving you a way to open event keys other than “painfully slow” or “wastefully expensive”.


They won’t redesign their new ui to accommodate 4 different key options. They pretty much said so anyway. I agree, 4 options are much better but they said no.

Every purchase and key openings should work like how upgrading sentinels work right now. We can quicky select how much resources we want to spend before pressing the button.

Example: select 16x new troop glory packs and press the button for the full 16x single cost.


I guess I’m the only one not wanting this then…? I really like just having to press a button instead of entering a number (which is, depending on what device you play on, either annoying or a full-out pain) or selecting things from a dropdown menu (which is sure to be “fun” when you have thousands of keys). I’m annoyed enough by the dropdown troop filters as is…

Seriously, I’m fine with amounts of 50 for more control when you try to pull that special mythic during mythic-release-week. And maybe 200 for Gold Keys. I don’t ever want to open anything but Gold Keys in amounts greater than 50 anyway and if I want lower amounts, I can just press the 10-key button. I never had any issues with these things.

Yesss a Milllllion times this!

Or they could add a Custom amount, where the window pops up and you type exactly how many chests you want to open…?

ah okay, it was already mentioned above, nvm. x)

Honestly I just don’t understand why the chest open amounts were changed in the first place.

Other than gold keys, and the top 0.01% of players, who REALLY needs to open 200 chests at a time? I feel it hurts more players to force them to either open 1 or 50 at a time and remove the nice “in between” option of 10 than it helps the select few who have 5,000 glory keys to blow through…


I agree with you on this.

Perhaps on PC and mobile entering in a number to open wouldn’t be much of a bother, but on console it definitely would be. I’d rather have preset numerical values to just click and choose from.

My issue is the lack of a “middle ground” on opening chests right now. Again, other than gold keys, there isn’t a single other currency where I would regularly want to open 200 chests at a time. Maybe only the top 20 guilds I can imagine make enough bank to gather the amount of glory and gem keys to regularly be dropping those in 200 increments.

I liked the “10” option, because if a new mythic or legendary or event troop came out that I was hunting for, but I only had, say, 100 event keys, I could drop 10 at a time to try and get that troop. If I got the troop in 2 pulls of 10 (20 keys), then yay! I could save the rest of my remaining 80 keys.

However, if it took me up to 6 pulls (60 keys) then fine, but at least I had the chance of getting it in fewer pulls. Right now, I would either have to drop 50 keys at once, using half my entire stash of event keys when the troop I was hunting for could have come up in the first 7 pulled, or I have to use one event key at a time for 70 keys (I did just this, and it was annoying as all get out).

So, if we can’t implement 4 options of 1, 10, 50 and 200, then my second request would be to change the amounts varying on the types of chests. Perhaps 1, 50, 200 for gold and glory chests and 1, 10 and 50 for gem, event and VIP chests.

If we can’t do even that and they have to all be the same, then PLEASE just bring back the 1, 10, 50. Heaven forbid 100 people in the entire game have to click the “open 50 chests” button 4 times instead of one instead of making the other 100,000+ agonizingly click through opening one key at a time or blow through their entire stash at once.


I personally like having buttons and not entering amounts for my chests.

As mentioned, IF we are going to change anything it’s going to be a very long term project. The code does not enable variations in other chests (i.e. we can’t have gem/VIP chests with a lower 3rd option like 50 instead of 200). Perhaps this is something that can be adjusted to a degree but I imagine it would involve rewriting and redesigning that feature entirely (I don’t know, I’m not a coder :wink: ) . A lot of players spend time opening Gold Chests predominantly the open 200 feature was introduced.


Would @Mithran’s suggestion of increasing the threshold where the 200 option kicks in be an option? I think he was saying that you would get the 200 option only when you have 1000 or more of a given chest, rather than 50 like it is now.

That should require less coding and could apply to all chest-types equally, since most people wouldn’t have more than 1000 event or gem chests anyway, and if they did, what do they care about opening 50 at once?

I like the 200 for gold chests (and I generally have a large number of them), but I HATE the 1 50 200 options for Event and Gem chests (when I generally have less than 200 of each, but am stuck opening 1 at a time or burning 50 at once).


I wouldn’t like that because I don’t generally wait until I have a thousand chests before I open them and I would much rather open my gold chests 200 at a time if I have say 5 or 600, than 50 at a time.

OK, but opening 600, 50 at a time is only 12 pulls instead of 3. I could live with that. I can’t live with opening 1 or 50 event chests when I only want a single copy of a new legendary (10 at a time is a reasonable compromise in my view). The 200 option is only really needed when the number of keys on hand is very large.

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200 for gold and glory chests is fine but the others I personally think 50 max. I’ve saved glory chests for bright forest and with over 12,000 gold and 6,000 glory I’ll be using the 200 option but there’s pretty much zero need for that with the rest of the keys. Apart from the guild seals maybe. I’d quite like an option to open more of those.

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Why not both: 2 buttons (1 and 10) + a line edit

I don’t think it’s that difficult to make the “open chest” amounts specific for each type of chests.
It’s exactly the same for leveling troops where the amount of souls depends of the base rarity of the troops.

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Exactly this!

BlockquoteOK, but opening 600, 50 at a time is only 12 pulls instead of 3. I could live with that. I can’t live with opening 1 or 50 event chests when I only want a single copy of a new legendary (10 at a time is a reasonable compromise in my view). The 200 option is only really needed when the number of keys on hand is very large.