Spend 10k Glory

Hello, for a lot of people at the meta game, we have often alot of glory.

But when all the glory keys are gone, it’s frustrating to open 1000 glory at a time, the equivalent of 5 gem keys.

Let us open 10k as the 3rd option, the equivalent of 50 gem keys.


The answer to this is that opening that many chests up at once (well maybe not that many, but bigger numbers - you know what I mean) can actually risk crippling the server. Now what I’ve said to do with that is to have a button that says “open this many” on the condition that it will just queue it up - so we can let it open 100,000 or something if we want and just wander off for a couple minutes without the need to wreck our fingers or mouse.

Of course, still nothing.


With the update having so many server calls, there is never a time when it would run your queue.
I can easily envision the spinning curser…waiting…waiting…waiting…

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