Opening more glory / gem / guild seals at once

Hi everyone,

I don’t know whether this idea was entertained before so apologies if that is the case. For people who have been playing the quite a while, it takes a lot of time to open all their glory (or gold keys or guild seals) since you can at most open 1000 glory at once. Would it be possible to have increased versions of this (e.g., opening 200 glory chests for 4000 glory or even more?)



Suggested and rejected many many times, sadly. Devs say it would break their servers if people started opening huge numbers at once


The servers are already broke with opening the keys we open. So very likely they are not lying :joy:


Seeing as we can already open 200 glory chests at a time I see no problem in the devs letting us spend 4000 actual glory at once (still only opens 200 glory chests).

We really need to be able to open more than 10 portals at a time though. 10 is ridiculously slow, should be three options: 1, 10 and 100 portals (2000 chaos shards) Each portal is basically a “chest” so 100 could easily be handled by the server.

Both of these suggestions could be done if the devs could be bothered though.


I still think it would be totally fine for them to have a way for us to queue up “open this many chests this many times” and let us just wander off while it does its thing without breaking the servers. Say I want to open 100,000 gold chests, right now I have to use a mouse macro program for that. (And then my computer is inoperable while that’s happening…)


The problem goes both ways. I was trying to save every key possible to get Piscea and the campaign task of opening 25 glory chests made me open 1 chest 25 times, because I didn’t want to burn 50 keys before Friday :sweat_smile:


I seem to recall one of the reasons they gave was that they worried about data usage for mobile users.

Which still feels odd because sending 15 messages about you getting Troop X instead of sending 1 message about you getting 15 copies of Troop X seems… uhh… counterintuitive towards that excuse.


Thanks for all replies and context. I see a few themes:

  • @Fleg => we can already open 200 glory keys. Why not open 200 chests worth of glory? Thanks. This is exactly one of my points.
  • Fleg => opening more chaos shards. Again. I cannot agree more.
    I would even say that this should apply to opening more guild chests (seals) etc.

@Shimrra => queuing up. Again would be perfect but I would imagine this would require a bigger overhaul.

In general, it looks like the concern / reason was that it would have higher server overload and more data usage. However, as pointed out above, we are not even asking for a scale that does not exist in the game and @dank-o pointed out that the data usage should be similar / save this way.

Regardless please keep upvoting so that it gets attention. In the meanwhile, tagging admins @Kafka @OminousGMan and @Jeto in case they have a more official reason / answer.


Pinging the support team once since we have not received any kind of response (one way or other) since 10 days. @Kafka @Jeto @OminousGMan

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There are 3 options for opening keys why is there only 2 for portals. Add a larger 3rd option plz its not even a crazy request its how u already do it elsewhere…


It has been another 2 weeks so tagging @Kafka @OminousGMan and @Jeto again. Could you please kindly acknowledge this request, let us know whether it had been discussed before or tell us what is needed for making this a proper request?

Hey all,

This is a request the team is aware of! :sparkles:

While on the surface a simple change, it requires a lot of work behind the scenes (beyond my skills for sure) and currently we aren’t able to address this in the short term future.

But we are aware it is something the community has been asking for, as everyone has a large amount of these resources, such as Gold Keys.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: