Confirmation dialog for bulk chest opens please


I had a large number of event keys amassed as a result of a store purchase this week, and no need for more Mercy’s, so I decided to hang onto them for next week to get the new offering. I was playing earlier today, got a gold key and decided to open it, but the UI put me directly into the event key section. My phone slipped when I was trying to head over to the gold key section, and must have landed on the “open all the things” button…which caused me to blow all my event keys now on rewards I didn’t want. :frowning: I don’t expect to get them back, since they’re now “spent,” but in the future I’d really appreciate a confirmation dialog before opening so many chests (particularly event chests as the contents are temporal – I wouldn’t have cared as much about any of the other chest types).

Ah well. Guess I’ll just have to compensate by hoarding glory. :frowning:

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I’ll pass this along to the team so we can discuss it.

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or even if it started with gold keys instead of the “biggest keys”

Biggest key is fine, just never start with event keys as they are temporal as already stated.

Never going straight to event chests is probably the best option. Or, if you implement this confirmation please let us disable it - I guess I’m not the only one who would find it annoying.

Well, not exactly - I’d like such confirmation, but only when purchasing keys, not when using those I already own - once or twice I accidentally opened 50 Glory keys with Glory instead of using the keys I already had (less than 10 of them of course). I don’t really expect it to be implementented that way though, I guess it’s too specific…