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Stop auto-selecting to event chests, please

Event keys are awesome, they really are. But I want to save them for when the event is in a kingdom where I’m missing the legendary. There are only four of those, which basically means I’m stuck waiting around until that kingdom pops up. Meanwhile, every time I open the chests menu, it auto-selects event chests, I guess because it automatically picks the best type you already have keys for. I accidentally used several Event Keys I really wanted to save because of this, and while I have learned to avoid that mistake, that’s not to say it’s impossible to make it again.

Basically, can the chest menu not default to the most difficult-to-obtain option, which also happens to be the option people are most likely to hoard? Even if it’s only for the unsuspecting console players who won’t know any better when 1.0.8 hits…


Amen to that.

I was keeping my event keys too, luckily, Sheggra was one of the legendary I was missing and I got my hands on him this week thanks to the event.

I think it should simply open on gold chest everytime. That’s a bit of a shame for the devs, since they obviously went out of their ways to make the menu open on the strongest key you have, but it’s an unwanted feature :confused:


I’m in strong support of this. I was saving event keys, as everyone should when the current event isn’t right for them, but used them by mistake when I had gold keys to open.

Chests tab should default to the lowest-value keys you have to open because there’s no reason to save those.


Please default on gold keys. I allready waisted manny event keys


Mind language please, my children read this!

I do agree with the sentiment tho!

better now ?

Indeed, thanks… didn’t intend to be the site policeman for this - but often sit here participating in forum talks with my eight-year old on my lap… ‘daddy, what does that mean?’…

Yeah i get you :), this game is played at all ages

It doesn’t necessarily have to open on the gold keys, but definitely don’t open on the event keys, I fully agree there, since the payout depends on when you open them, and for gem/glory/gold it doesn’t.


Please fix this; Ijust lost 50 event keys due to this terrible design decision!

Agreed. Have wasted many event keys and purchased guild keys early due to this. Should always default to gold keys

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I wasted event keys once too, have learned to deal with it, but I would agree that just opening chest menu to gold every time even if you possess none would be the best option for the game.

Also not a fan of this

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Added to the QoL thread :kissing_heart:


Hi there, I’ve just wasted one (ps4), thank goodness it was only one!

i support this, wasted a bunch of gem keys 50 x 2~ (was saving for new mythic event) thinking it was gold keys
(well they werent wasted, i found a mythic i was missing in them, but that rng might never happen again and i dont wanna missuse my keys next time)

I see where everyone is coming from, the only reason it annoys me is because it’s forcing me to go to that chest page when if I had no chests, it would just open on the gold chest page.

However, for those accidentally using keys - should’ve been paying more attention. People are in too much of a rush. Don’t blame the game for your haste


I was about to write something like this, how difficult is it to be careful …

would it be nice if the chest-menu opened on the gold keys per default? yeah probably, personally I’d like that too (that said, how selfish of all of the ppl advocating for it :wink: there are ppl out there who LIKE the fact that it opens on the “highest grade” of keys they own). Is it a needed change? no … so many other things this game could use. Wasting dev’s time to make the game more fool-proof… heh. Be careful, pay attention -> problem solved.


Then make it open on gem keys.

Event keys are not “higher grade” keys, they’re “special purpose” keys, so even people who like to open all of their other keys right away will still likely want to save their event keys sometimes.


Absolutely. Both event and guild keys are much more time-sensitive than the others so should not be the default screen.