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All chests

Hello. It would be nice to be able to open all the chess at once. make this function. This will reduce the time for boring opening chests. (sorry for my English)


This has been requested before, unfortunately the Devs have said that trying to do that would cause problems with the servers, so is unlikely to happen.

There are people with 500k gold keys. Clicking open all on that would absolutely destroy the servers ability to process that request.

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I kind of maintain that you could either set it to “auto-open” where it opens chests at a manageable level until you click something else, or maybe even put it in as a background process. “We’ll open these chests when we can, and let you know once it’s been completed. Est. 5 hrs 20 mins”. Possibly a niche/first-world problem, though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Just imagine the problems this would cause if a player had accidentally used ALL their keys of one type, even if they had to click on another confirmation button.

It would happen quite frequently I think. The support team would be flooded with tickets asking for these mistakes to be reversed.

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Dont need /want all, but at least 1000 keys or more than 1000 pure glory (= 50 Keys) would help a lot.