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Streamlining the chest redemption to just 200

Since the developers decided to permanently remove the 10 chest button from all key redemptions i would like to propose further streamlining to just 1 button - the 200 key button.

i see this button exactly like the developers as critical to the game, and it should greatly increase the number of key purchases for the new kingdoms in the New year!

When everyone has to use 200 event keys to get any troops for any new kingdom the developers i am sure will share the love.

Happy christmas everyone - you know it makes sense!

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… Why, just why.

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easy to use - no confusion - won’t be often used so no dissapointment’s - troop losses etc.

And you’ll all make more money which will of course trickle down…

Assuming you haven’t taken kittens advice and jumped off a tall building of course

Why indeed…

Gold keys and Glory keys, Yes.
Gem and event keys, 1x 10x 50x. No one asked for that to be changed.

A lot of bad feelings could be avoided if you just asked first.

Original poster is 100% correct. Run an official poll Salty

Gold x1 x50 x500
Glory x1 x25 x200
Gem x1 x10 x50
Event x1 x10 x50
Guild x1 x10 x50
Vip x1 x10 x50

That’s my vote.


Are you on the sauce?

No, but I’ve been hitting the Devil’s Dandruff pretty hard. It’s looking like a White Christmas this year.


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I pressed like but that ain’t my bag, have a white Christmas! Lol

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Thanks. Lol.

Hyperbole only works when it’s funny.

The 1-key button makes sense. The 200-key button is apparently the biggest the developers feel like they can give us and ensure server safety.

The middle button is a hotly contested battlefield and everyone has their own favorite number they wish it used.

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well i think some very bad feelings are gonna be seen very shortly that could have been avoided.

quite deliberately created now.