Keys in Soulforge

Well guys…

Long time i no see new Kingdom…

as a consequence I have many keys " Gold keys"

Well my suggestion for Dev’s

include keys on Soulforge, system similar with ingots

Just 1 example

10 gold keys = 1 glory key
10 glory keys = 1 gems key
10 glory keys = 1 event key
10 gems keys = 1 vip key
10 gems keys = 1 vault key


So, if i got it right, what you’re suggesting to devs is to save you the time to open LOT of useless chests and give instead 66 free vip keys?

Dunno the value of a vip key but tbh hardly gonna happen imo.

But defo worth a shot, maybe i should stop open them and hoard too :3

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Great point!!! Idk anyone who needs 100k gold keys without a new kingdom. Even if the ratio were changed, this idea sounds clutch. :+1:


I no need vip keys, i am vip 5 and i have access chests vip, my big problem is vault key i got this keys vault only with events guilds, factions events and bounty, but… With keys in Soulforge can help a lot players for get troops mythic how example, access in all chests can be more easy with this system

I’m sure turning gem keys into vault keys would be allowed, those things are goddamn useless plenty of the time.

I mean, there’s the odd gem/key reward but generally speaking I’d prefer the gem keys.


For every 100k gold keys you get a Power Orb. Seems reasonable to me. :grin:


Today i’m on 90k gold keys and opened 80k, for a few months, when i hit the 100k 1st time, after i opened soo 60k because i can and look what it brings… so i’m definitely with you. That were 2 orbs!