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Change open 50 event chests to open 10

Event keys aren’t plentiful enough (for me) to blow 50 at a time, but 1 chest at a time is annoyingly slow (especially on mobile). How about replacing the option to open 50 chests with the option to open 10 chests. I can’t imagine getting to the point in the game where you can blow 50 event keys and are still missing enough units from a kingdom for that to NOT be almost all duplicates.


It used to be 10. People complained that wasn’t enough so they upped it to 50.

We really need 4 options. 1/10/50/200. Will probably never make it off the bottom of the devs ‘to do’ list because they can’t monetize it in any way.


The reason we won’t offer more chests to be opened is due to server checks.

@Saltypatra So I think this is the opposite of that :flushed:


Just add a slider (capped to whatever your server checks require), like when buying glory troops and spoils of war, and call it a day.


That would end up taking longer to open chests. What if I want to open a ton of gold or glory chests? Where does the slider start? If it starts at 1 then I have to slide it to 200 every time and I have 1000’s of chests to open.

It would be far better to just have the 4 options as I posted above.

@Nemesis_Online I wanted to suggest the same thing +1
@Fleg easy, the slider should start at 1 and need 2 buttons a +1 and a +1 Step. Steppes should be 10, 50, 100, 200, all
@Saltypatra sounds like techno bullshit again. There are software developers amongst us and when see a reasoning like this we react with :roll_eyes: WTF!


If it was easy we would had gotten it 4 years ago.

You could slide it to the other side and have it at “max” with 1 click, just like now it works with glory troops/soulforge recepies etc.

Also such slider could have a button similiar to glor troops, which would increase numbers to 10,50,200 instead of +1. Just like “>>” does on glory troops → it pumps it up to a number needed to get the glory troop ascended, and each click changes the ascention level, with 200 offer copies being max.

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I don’t think you guys are thinking straight. Currently if I want to open 200 chests it’s 1 click, simple. A slider would make it more than 1 click.

A slider has no benefits above my ‘static 4 choice’ suggestion, it just adds more clicks for no reason.

It could stay on the number you just opened until you back out of that chest menu? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Still adding more clicks for no reason whatsoever. :wink:

Were event keys more plentiful then, or something?

I’ve got a little over 100 at the moment, and blowing half them on a single event is far too much (especially when there’s usually only 2-3 troops in the event I actually want).

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End game players have a large stash of keys to use sporadically (for context I own 10k), and wanted to spend it faster than the original 1 / 10 / 50. So they changed it to 1 / 50 / 200 after you own more than (50?).

I think a quick bandaid solution could enable players to spend 1/10/50 up to 50, then 1/10/200 up to say 500, and 1/50/200 if someone owns more than that.

I will also say they should make greater purchase options for gold keys and then send a predetermined package of items (however many keys it takes to pull every rare card, to be adjustable with new troops) instead of actually generating random rolls. However, wrong post for that I guess.

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Simply just let there be 4 buttons with fixed numbers: 1, 10, 50, 200
Everybody happy!


@Goodly Thanks for the context and explanation. I suppose when you’ve got a few thousand keys blowing 50 of them for a couple of cool units seems perfectly reasonable. I can certainly see how options of 1/10/200 keys would be annoying for you.

I’m beginning to see how frustrating it must be for the devs trying to keep everybody happy. The game has to be fun and inviting for new players, and interesting and rewarding for the mid-late game players. Even worse, it’s the most experienced players who are both the most demanding (because we’re invested in the game) and the hardest to design for (know how to find the balance-breaking edge cases, have stats and skills to blow through almost any challenge, and aren’t easily excited by rewards because they’ve already got huge piles of resources). And, to top it all off, you have to design a consistent experience across desktop, console, and mobile each with their own interface paradigms (e.g. mouse and keyboard, controller, big fingers on a tiny screen).

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My proposed solution when this was brought up last time was to change the threshold at which the 1/10/(upto)50 opening options change to 1/50/(upto)200. Right now it is having 51 or more of said key., and I proposed simply changing this threshold to 1000 or more of said key, so if you have 1-999 of a key your options would be 1/10/(up to)50, and 1000+ would be 1/10/(upto)200. Thats the actionable feedback, you can stop reading here if that is all you are interested in.

My thought process is this: generally speaking, if you have over 1000 of a key type, you aren’t that averse to opening a 50 pack to try for your target item but you still might want to open singles for whatever reason, and you might just want to dump keys as quickly as possible for 200 at a time. If you have less than 1000, you are far less likely to want to dump 200 of a key at a time and more likely to benefit from the option to open 10.

While it would be kind of difficult to run a full mathematical analysis of “who saves clicks versus who needs more clicks” under this paradigm, but keep in mind that a person wishing to dump all their remaining keys that has exactly 999 would need only 20 pulls, whereas a person that has a few hundred event keys attempting to get a legendary has no choice but to either use a significant portion of their stash or open keys one by one to avoid “wasting” as little as possible. I can, at least, offer some hypothetical situations that I have found common with my play experience.

I ran a quick Monte Carlo simulation (1 million trials, run 10 times each to make sure the results were consistent) doing “random” pulls and recording where in the sequence they landed on and on the average amount of keys “wasted” (being defined number of pulls after you got your target item within the same pull, be they duplicates of the same item or just anything else, with pulls not containing the target item being considered “no waste”) on attempting to get a new legendary in a three legendary. As the rarity of the target item goes up, you see a drop in the average “waste” for any given key amount (which is also proportionally less compared to the total amount of draws needed to get said drop), but higher key amounts are always significantly more waste. In our hypothetical “three legendary kingdom, one is new and thats the one I want” scenario proposed above, the person opening 50 key packs has an average ~22.15% “waste” on average (using ~120 event keys on average to reach target), whereas the person opening 10 keys has about a 4.66% “waste” on average (using ~98 event keys to reach target) a less than half a percent “waste” on average (and the 200 pull is almost 60% “waste”, but really, this is not a fair assessment of how this button would be used because you’d either generally not care at this point or are after multiples of the target item or multiple items at the same time). For those paying attention, thats an average of about 3 clicks (times three, but thats not important here) to open the packs for the people wanting to go quickly versus the 10 for the frugal, whereas right now the two options are 1 click for the people that literally don’t value their event keys at all (or have a different target) versus 3 for the people that want to go kind of fast versus 94 (again, on average) for the frugal.

If we had, say, five legendaries in the given kingdom instead of three (target is 156.25 event keys on average for one or more copies, intended target is one), you are still looking at a 14% waste (~182 keys avg) for 50 pulls versus a 2.8% waste (~160 keys avg) for 10 pulls. 18-19 clicks saving you average an entire legendary pull worth of event keys over 3-4 clicks versus needing to do 156 clicks to save just four more event keys- but without the option to do 10, this equates to, again, over “legendaries worth” of keys difference.

For the accounts I run, two of the alts are in the situation above every time a new legendary comes out. The other two have thousands of keys hoarded and while I still try to be as frugal as possible, don’t mind just dropping the 50s to get it over with.

And before anybody even suggests removing the single key option and have it be 10 - no, it is awful in terms of time spent for things that require a lot of pulls, but a huge boon for the people that don’t get a lot of resources. Especially with campaign tasks that ask you to spend them. Plus, who doesn’t love getting that screenshot of a solo mythic pull from one key?

You obviously aren’t going to care (much, usually) if you are hunting six copies, a prospect that needs a event key income of usually around 500+ per month that often results in having stashes well over 1000 at any given time, but using exclusively 50 pulls is a significant amount of waste to the people trying to eek out one copy, which, in my opinion, is a huge percentage of the playerbase that has less than 1000 of a given key. Thus, it seems perfectly reasonable to not have the 200 key option available until you have 1000 of that key and just have 1/10/50 as the options until then.

Four buttons (1/10/50/200) is a “better” solution, obviously, but this would be theoretically easier as to be done only on the back end and hopefully just require changing variables that are disambiguated from “the amount of target keys to open”.

tl;dr: Currently, you get a 1/50/(upto)200 as soon as you have at least 51 of a given key. This should be changed to retain the 1/10/(up to)50 option until you have 1000 of a given key. That is all.


Best option would be to add extra slot when using keys where you would have to set exact number of keys to use, with 1 and 200 being the limits.

That way, you would be able to burn any number you’d like between those bonds.


I like this idea!