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Opening 50 chest now suckz

no more list when opening 50 chest. its hard to see what you got. go back to the old list style plz😎


VIP would be even worse…


I am now not as excited for Merlantis, I have about 24k chests to open and it will be confusing as to what I am getting,


Just open them all and filter by ascension

Yeah the chest opening is horrible. All of the side scrolling is pretty terrible and the sideways writing for the teams you’re fighting in GW is just ridiculous.


The chest opening animation is reasonable if they didn’t remove skip plus summary screen (sorted by Rarity). For those opening tens of thousands keys in a sitting this is going to be a pain.


Opening 50 chests always suckz and it’s not the animation the issue, but the “50”…

Why we cannot select the number of chests that we want to open? says a player with his 30k gold chests…


Animation IS the issue for me.

Why would they remove the summary for the 50 opened chests? That just seems stupid!
Why “fix” something that isn’t broken? The sideways scrolling (and appearing of the new troops) is annoying as hell. :angry:

Almost as stupid as limiting the chest opening to just 50 at a time. That means if I want to open my 32K gold chests after the release of Merantis I am going to have click trough them 50 at a time, resulting 640 server requests. Why can’t I just select the number of chests I want to open? That would significantly reduce the number of server requests, even if they cap the number at 1000 or 5000 chests at a time…


Oh my god, they removed that? WTF kind of idea is that? I’m not even burning some gold keys to confirm, I don’t want to see that right now.