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Event key reward changes

Recently i found that one third of event keys are now giving only stones.

So for example 240 event keys gives you around 160 troops and 80 stones, of which maybe 6 are arcanes.

What’s been your experience and what do you think of this change?

Please note the Event Chest rewards haven’t been changed, they’re the same as they were before :slight_smile:


no that has never happened before.

new kingdom rather highlights the reality of what occurred.

It’s down to luck :slight_smile:

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no luck when its a new kingdom, 1 third isn’t luck.

Then it’s chance. It’s the same thing. Others’ results may vary or reflect your findings, but it’s luck nonetheless.


There are two reasons you are wrong.

One: a developer is telling you you are wrong. It’s not smart for them to lie to players, so one can generally assume if they say the same thing multiple times they at least believe it to be true.

Two: you can check the odds at Taran’s World, and the odds are pulled from the data files. It’s still an 80% troop chance.

Here’s what’s happening.

240 is a small number. If you got 80% troops, you’d get 192 troops. Instead, you got 160. That’s a difference of about 30, which is only 12.5% off your expected value. That would make me frown if we were talking about 24,000 event keys, but for 240 that is “bad luck”.

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unfortunately I didn’t receive 80 stones either. There is no morality whatsoever anymore in this companies so called support.

Its a toxic company. What happened with event chests that day was just out of order, and pretending otherwise is just blatantly dishonest.

Don’t ever go to a casino.