Event chests - major problem

So being a software developer myself and a player for many months, I decided to reward the developers with a few bucks. I have played quite a bit, and I know the reason games are offered for free are so that players will help by buying things to help themselves. I understand that and to approve of the developers’ decision to make the game playable for free in its entirety, I bought a pack today.

Well, along with it came 50 event keys, and I got 33 Sacred Guardians and five Flame Cannons. This is insane and obviously a problem. Is there any recourse for this? I’m not asking for a refund, but I’d certainly like to have my 50 event keys back with a random (or something approaching random) distribution. I know this has happened to other players - what is the recourse?

I don’t see what the problem is. Event chests give ulra rare or higher from a specific kingdom. Sometimes another kingdom is added, which is weird, but Scared Guardian is that kingdom’s only ultra rare. Event keys should pretty much only be used on new kingdoms, on kingdoms you lack a legend from, and on kingdoms you need your epics and legends to be mythic. In most situations, there is little need to use more than 20 event keys on a kingdom, unless it is a new kingdom.

I think part of the problem is that this is not explained very well. I can understand OP’s frustration, I know I would be frustrated if that happened to me had I not understood better the intended purpose of those keys.

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