Bug with event key?

Hello there,

This is my first post, i hope i won’t go against any rules (and i’m french so sorry if i’m not clear).

I wanted to ask if people had same experience as me with event key this week.
I spent around 20 key to obtain Queen Ysabeau and i ended up with no Ysabeau (which is no problem, luck is luck) but 12 Coronet Knight.
Is that just bad/weird luck or is it a bug ?

Thanks !

Actually that is normal operation. On the first 50 key bundle I opened this week I received 27 Dragon Knight’s. Over half the keys were one troop. As you said - luck is luck - whether good or bad. I did get a couple Queens in that bundle but . . . . did not need that many Dragon Knights.

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What i’m actually wondering about, is why i got 3 manticores from 50 event chests. given that it’s not in this week’s kingdom. Anyone else experienced this ?

I have yet to go a week without finding a Sacred Guardian in event chests. Got a Manti this week, too.

Also, I’ve somehow already mythic’d QY, and have had VERY good luck with gem chests. But it’s normal to go 50-100 event chests without a legend, I think?

This is very normal. The event chests will drop ultra-rares from the event kingdom as well as other kingdoms; however, if an epic, legendary, or mythic drops, it will be from that week’s event kingdom.

That is not entirely correct, I got Lady Sapphira from event keys this week (she’s whitehelm). In general the event keys do give the weekly-event-kingdom troops, and that’s the long-term goal. But as Nim said, for now some kingdoms have limited amount of troops of specific rarity, hence the possibility of getting troops from different kingdoms (although how exactly the algorithm looks or what the odds are, I have no clue).

so to answer the original question:

Event keys most of the time will give Blue rarity troops as the major outcome. Sword’s Edge has only 2 (Knight coronet and the new Dragon Knight), that’s why you got mostly those (the same way last week people were getting mass Sacred Guardians). So no, not a bug, RNG leaning the wrong way maybe, but that’s all :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks you very much, i understand better how it works now.
I had no clue until now :slight_smile: