Queen Ysabelle Missing from Event Chest?

I am on the PS4 and in the news this week it says we can get Queen Ysabelle with event keys. I have tried a lot and have not gotten her with event keys. Has anyone out there on the PS4 gotten her? I have gotten a lot of Dragon Knights! :blush:
Just wondering…

She’s available to get on the PS4 with event keys, yes.

The RNG, or the Random Number Generator, is an elusive and fickle creature.
There are those in the modern days who claim that this entity is nothing more than an urban myth.
After all, how can anything be truly random in a world that runs on casualty?
Those who believes in the RNG worship it, pay homage to it, and even offer sacrifice tributes in the private secrecy of their home in the hope of any pittance of reward.

Clearly, you are a non-believer.
Repent! Repent!


I got her the same day she was put in, 16 event keys. (PS4) I wonder if this unfortunate situation keeps occurring, will this change to just being available as rewards :confused: I honestly do not thinks so. Well, it sucks, you still have some time to get the Queen.

Well some people get event cards fast and early others never get them, im of the second… hmz.

When it comes to mythics I know that feeling. I’m glad I got the Queen at least. Hopefully I’ll get the next one too… I want to get the next one… I want to say “I better!” But I think that’s a bit too much, maybe. :smile:

My Mrs got ten Ysabelle in 50 chests, 5 lots of 10.
Another of my guild used 200+ before he got one. I had to open 150 before I got one myself, getting 2 in my last batch of 50

I opened a few 50 Event Chest packages this week, and did not get Ysabelle. Then, last night (Saturday), off of two Event Keys obtained by getting an Inkeeper Glory package, I pulled one.

EDIT: I’m on the Xbox One platform.

Xbox One here, I too have failed to get Ysabelle from event keys, I mostly got Dragon Knights and Coronets.

Clearly @Sidousai my non-beliver status is why I have not gotten her yet. Great post!! :grin:

No luck today! :slightly_frowning_face: