I seem to have encountered a strange error with Faunessa

In the event chests section of the shop, it says the chests have a small chance of awarding me with faunessa, but faunessa hasn’t been introduced on consoles as an event card yet. Not only that, she doesn’t even show up in the troops list on consoles when I look up “show all troops.” Was this a small mishap or is Faunessa really available from the event chest on consoles? All I’ve gotten so far are a dozen blade dancers, some other rares, and a few runic stones.

Faunessa is not available from any chest yet. She will be made available later.

If you choose show all for your troops, you’ll see doesn’t appear at all.

Then, why is she displayed under “chance to get” next to the event chest in the chests store? Is it safe to assume it was just a mistake on the developers’ part?

The cake is a lie!

(There hasn’t been any official word why the text and photo on the event chest clearly shows Faunessa). but the card has not been released on console so you can’t pull it yet…

Well the troop was included in the last patch, and like many other troops, it’s still locked until a future event. But the troop likely shows in the artwork because it still is part of the current kingdom for this week’s event.

Side note: You can see Faunessa was included in the last update as she’s featured in the Pan’s Vale challenges: Rock Band, Conquest, and Silent War.

This is really unfortunate as I wasted 20 event keys trying to get her :frowning:

I got 10+ blademasters though so I guess that happened.

Well I have a page here:

It’s being updated with new troops pc gets and what is released weekly for console so hopefully people will know exactly what they can get.

Developers at least got the Kingdom right, just wrong Troop.

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