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Chance event keys

hi, the problem is ; I open 16 event keys, not at the same time usually one by one and I get 14 holy guardians. is something wrong with the chance or is my casualty. Sorry for my English. Thanks.

Most event key drops are going to be Ultra-Rare rarity from the event kingdom. This week is Whitehelm. You have the same chance of getting a troop of a given rarity as Gem Keys, but troops that drop will usually be from the event kingdom instead of random from every kingdom, with any legendary drop always being from the kingdom. Whitehelm has only one Ultra-Rare, Sacred Guardian, and most gem-key level drops are ultra-rares, so most event key drops this week will be Sacred Guardian. This is not a good week to use event keys unless you really want to find your first Celestasia, Moloch, or Mercy, or you really want to ascend Sacred Guardian to mythic.

ok thanks, this keys are coming to me by levelling 1001 and others up levels. Good to know for next time, maybe I earn some.