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Ultra rare chance for gold keys

Please let us have a chance for ultras in gold keys again OR remove rares from glory keys, 99% Of my base ultra cards are still base rarity cause you get them hardly ever. Everytime i use the pvp reward glory keys that took me ages to get i get mostly rares fml…

?? Gem keys do not give you rares, only ultra-rare and up.

Gold keys is common and rare
Glory keys is rare, ultra-rare, epic, legendary, mythic
Gem keys is ultra-rare, epic, legendary, mythic
Event keys is ultra-rare, epic, legendary, mythic (with a significant higher chance to get it from the event kingdom).


And VIP chest loot is Epic (x2), Legendary, Mythic or Arcane Traitstones (x2). (Need to be VIP 5 or higher, though)

Guild chests can be any combination except VIP

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Yea i meant glory keys, i always get a shitton of rares from them its ridiculous and infuriating, editted it

This is a game of patience, eventually all those cards you are getting will allow you to ascend to Legndary then Mythic. That’s how I got most of mine.

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Not if youre a manual player, ive played this game since it came out onps4 and the only cards of rarity ive upped are event cards and rares, maybe 1 or 2 blues. And fyi i saved a boatload of keys before the update.

I am on PC/mobile. That must be the difference. Have over 100 Mythics almost all from ascending over the past year.