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Correct the issue with the Common and Rare troops from the Event Keys

Common and Rare troops now drop from the Event Keys.
However, I have the following suggestion to change it.

If you already fully ascended - all the available troops upgraded to the Mythic status and if you have at least four or more copies of each such troops, you should no longer be getting Common and Rare troops from the Event Chests or Keys.

I am suggesting a mechanic that’s pretty much identical to the Guardians from the Guild Chests.
Once you fully ascend all of them to the Mythic status and have four copies of each, they no longer drop.


Hello Koromac, thank you for your feedback.

We do not consider this an issue, as it is working as intended. We don’t have any plans to change this, but you never know what the future holds.

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the odds to get epics, legendaries, and mythics from event chests is already pretty good (by comparison).


Somehow it got worse for me. Still, I am not sure if I get 99,97% chance to get all the cards if I use 500 Event Keys, excluding Mythics.

Sorry for the necro. But, I don’t see why the devs don’t consider this an issue. What’s the point of dropping fully ascended, traited and medalled troops that we have more than 5 copies of? I just noticed I got a Dragon Eggs drop out of a Gold Key Chest and wondered about it. I confirmed that my 116 copies of it are fully ascended to Mythic, fully traited and fully medalled. Since Guardian troops cease to drop after they reach such a state, the logic already exists in the game to fix the issue. Why not apply it to all troops?

The point is to dilute the pool from getting what you want so that you’ll continue to want it. That, and the fact that if you remove the chaff, there’s only wheat left — that breaks the economy.

Your gold keys, for instance—they have a small chance to drop gems. If the chance to drop troops decreased to 0 over time as you acquired them and ascended them to mythic then the rates of other resources (like gems) would increase commensurately (eventually to 100%). That makes them way more valuable—too valuable, in fact, because the average endgamer could probably open hundreds (if not thousands) of gold keys a day for a GIANT pile of the game’s most valuable currency for free.

Instead, you get souls. Because all extra troops are worth is souls. Which you probably also don’t need in this position — the game knows this, but intends for it to be so to avoid cratering its economy with an influx of useful currency that would create rapid inflation issues.

And if event keys worked like guild guardians, people would easily be able to get the legendaries and epics they’re missing, which is the same problem from a different angle (just cards vs. gems, both of which are arguably their own sorts of “currency” within the confines of the game). That screws up the rate of card acquisition, making it too fast, and making it so that people wouldn’t want to spend them anymore because there would no longer be any need to.

Best advice is: if your collection is complete, hoard your keys to absorb the impacts of new content in the future. If you don’t, you’re just buying souls you don’t need, which is by design.


I would like to see some duplicate protecrion from the drops for epics especially. If you have a troop that is ascended and 4 copies of it already it is removed from the drop pool for the individual. But won’t go between rarities of course.

We can already see this system used for mythics and legendaries in the ‘path to x’ offers.

It took a while to convince them of this one, so let’s not make them think any player-friendly (but possibly also business-friendly too, anyway) changes are a slippery slope just yet :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (give it a year or so).