Correct the issue with the Common and Rare troops from the Event Keys


Common and Rare troops now drop from the Event Keys.
However, I have the following suggestion to change it.

If you already fully ascended - all the available troops upgraded to the Mythic status and if you have at least four or more copies of each such troops, you should no longer be getting Common and Rare troops from the Event Chests or Keys.

I am suggesting a mechanic that’s pretty much identical to the Guardians from the Guild Chests.
Once you fully ascend all of them to the Mythic status and have four copies of each, they no longer drop.

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Hello Koromac, thank you for your feedback.

We do not consider this an issue, as it is working as intended. We don’t have any plans to change this, but you never know what the future holds.

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the odds to get epics, legendaries, and mythics from event chests is already pretty good (by comparison).

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Somehow it got worse for me. Still, I am not sure if I get 99,97% chance to get all the cards if I use 500 Event Keys, excluding Mythics.