There are 62 common troops actually (not counting Guild troops)


Every new common troop released increase the number of gold keys required to mythic the troop.
I think the devs should consider maybe increasing slightly the drop rate of newest common troops released for a period of 1 month once they are released. Maybe same thing for rare rarity new troops that were never available in glory bundle.
Soon, 100 000 gold keys will be required to mythic a common troop if nothing change.


There’s kind of a light at the end of the tunnel. Event keys are supposed to get reworked to make acquiring common troops easier. No schedule or details yet though.


Hmm I dont know if we should be happy to receive common troop with precious event key. Or maybe 1 event key would give 10 copies of a common troop of the kingdom of the week?
If its something like that, that could be nice.
Thanks for the info.


Took some digging around, here’s the post from Nimhain:


I thought Summoning Stones were as well?