(Fixed) Common and rare troops not dropping from event chests

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Expected to get common and rare troops from event keys but didn’t

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
just saw it today

Steps to make it happen again
open event keys

Taransworld doesn’t show common and rares either


Those are the old Legendary/Mythic odds too.

It looks like they forgot to commit their Event key changes to all kingdoms.

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The Ninja Code Gnomes have been at work again:

Thank you for neither acknowledging or commenting on this misconfiguration of your Gasha system. Does the usual handling still apply, players will receive a refund in case they somehow learn from sources outside of the game that event chests didn’t contain what they promised and contact support about it?


Glad it’s fixed but it would have been nice if a dev commented about it. I’m going to send in a ticket about it I actually wanted a couple of the rares that were missing. It’s annoying spending 675 gems on 50 keys trying to get something that I was told would be in there but isn’t.

It’s not just the missing commons and rares, drop chances for legendary and mythic cards were also lower. Anybody trying for Lust, Wrath or Queen of Sin was at a significant disadvantage.

Hey everyone,

Here’s the details!

Between May 1st and May 7th (4:10pm Tuesday May 7th AEST) there were no Common or Rare Troops available in the event Chests.

The drop rates for the other Troop rarities was correct.

No other Chest Types were affected.

Because it was simply the Common and Rare Troops which weren’t available as intended, we won’t be providing compensation (you all likely have these Troops coming out your ears and don’t need us to refund all the nice Troops you got to replace them with Commons).

Taransworld picks up the drop rates from a part of the game code that isn’t used by the game client and is old and therefore inaccurate. Due to privacy reasons we don’t release the drop rates that are actually used in the game. So I’ve made a note of this so the team can make sure that we aren’t exposing old data as we understand you trust this information when min-maxing.

Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention!

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You do realize that Soldier of Wrath, being from a recent Bounty event, is a rare troop that very few players have coming out of their ears, right? Looking at the current shop offers, your marketing department seems to be perfectly aware of this, there’s a very special low rarity bundle on sale for just this troop. This also makes me wonder how much trust we should be putting into this statement:

Please get back to whoever gave you that information, knowing how chest contents are structured this is exceedingly likely incorrect.

Mistakes happen. I understand that you want to avoid cleaning up the fallout of this one, it’s bound to cause some work. However, please also understand that some of us invest a lot, either time or money, into buying those chests, and we expect to actually receive what we paid for. Attempting to gloss things over by telling us it’s raining feels… unprofessional.

Moving forward:

  • You seem to be saying that your Support will be happy to exchange any number of Ultra-Rare Sin of Maraj troops for Common (3 copies) or Rare (2 copies) troops of the same kingdom, for all those players that didn’t yet have those troops coming out of their ears when opening the faulty event chests. Please consider posting this information in your other communication channels, most affected players won’t be reading this thread.

  • You’ll look into a course of action once you’ve verified that legendary and mythic drop rates were indeed lower than advertised. As much as I know it required roughly an extra 33% keys to pull legendary cards, if that’s correct I’d propose to automatically send everybody who opened faulty chests an event key for every 3 event keys used.


Dude. “Privacy” reasons are why you intentionally keep your slot machine odds a secret? I call BS. I fervently, enthusiastically call BS, and I don’t even really need anything from the chests!

No person’s “privacy” is violated if the players know what their odds are when they pull your spot machine lever. That’s not how “privacy” works. Either you were fed a line of crap and you’re duly repeating it, or someone somewhere in a Lord High Muckety Muck position has an ludicrously wrong concept of what “privacy” means.

Just…no. Man, that answer is embarrassing.


Throwing this in here to debunk the claim that we “all likely have these [missing] troops coming out of our ears, so refunds are not needed”.

Somebody obiviously had the impression that 16 of the troops nobody needs any longer will find enough buyers to offer them as $25 special sale bundle in the cash shop. You know very well that many players opened event chests specifically to obtain this and the other supposedly worthless missing troops. Implying you are doing us a favor by refusing refunds is, quite frankly, insulting.

I’d also like to call out once more this part:

There is no way to remove items from a set while affecting none of the pick chances of all the other remaining items within the same set, it’s a mathematical impossibility. Putting it bluntly, claiming that the other drop rates were unaffected is an outright lie, and I’m sure whoever is responsible for this is very well aware.

Edit: Thinking about this a bit more, there is one special case the other drop chances could have remained correct, by not granting anything at all whenever the common or rare category came up. Are you actually admitting that opening, say, 50 event keys while they were broken gave players less than 50 items?

Since there have been numerous cases where Support has refused refunds of a clearly defective product, justified by claims they know to be incorrect, I’d like to take this up a level. Whom should I contact to discuss this topic further, 505 Games? There’s real money involved here, and quite a lot of players intentionally being taken advantage of.

@Sirrian Any chance you could work your magic here? No game should be run into the ground like this.


It could be the players got traistones and other resources instead of common/rare troops, just like pre 4.3
In fact, the legendary drop rates during that period of time were identical to pre 4.3. Looks like the devs forgot to apply the change to this week event chests

It’s a two tier loot table, the first roll deciding between troops and resources never got altered. You are correct though, we did get the pre 4.3 drop rates, probably due to a regression. It appears to be tough to admit that the “10 event keys each week” nerf was in place while the improved tables supposed to counter this nerf somehow got lost for quite a long time.

I believe the resource drop rate was lowered in 4.3, by a lot, because we now have higher drop rates in every rarity except ultra rare

Edit: looks like youre right. the chance to roll a troop remains 80%. This is weird

Edit 2: ok i didnt notice the ultra rare drop rate was lowered by a lot in 4.3. What kafka said was not entirely correct. If you opened event chests during that period of time, you just got a bunch of ultra rares instead of commons/rares. Ultra rare drop rate was affected, epic/legendary/mythic drop rates were not affected

It could make sense if the chance for Commons and Rares was rolled into the chance for Ultra-Rares, while still using the newer drop-rates, it just seems like an incredibly weird outcome for the game to have arrived at, being so similar to the old system.

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We still have an 80% troop chance reported by Taransworld (and independently supported by data from my last legendary hunt across our accounts, still 1 in 5 drops are traitstones). Ultra-rare used to comprise a whopping 85% of possible troop drops, which are now split almost evenly between commons, rares, and ultra-rares (about 27% each, with the difference going into the buffs for other rarities).

I’d be lying if I said this situation didn’t irk me a bit, and I wasn’t even opening chests. I’ve lost count of how many times there have been errors in drop pools and become increasingly irritated every time it happens and then drop rates are refused to be outright disclosed so players can do their due diligence in the future.

I also find it a bit odd that this “old” data and “unused” data exposed to Taransworld is somehow still able to correctly inform when actual drop rates are incorrect with a degree of regularity. I know it doesn’t come from the same source and isn’t necessarily correct at all times (correlation does not necessarily imply causation, after all) but this keeps happening again, and again, and again. So far only times where drop rates are outright contradictory to the information exposed here is when either actually old data is present (new data hasn’t be pulled yet, such as immediately following a reset) or when has been when it has specifically reported by a dev after the fact when there has been no way to go back and independently verify it. Every time I hear the “yeah but it might not be totally correct oh and it turns out this one time it wasn’t (too bad you don’t have enough evidence to directly contradict it)” line, even though it may very well be technically true, I feel like somebody is trying to gaslight me.

As an example:
Remember when Pharos wasn’t in event chests, empirical data was supporting it as a bunch of people were opening hundreds or thousands of event chests and not a single pull was reported. Remember how data exposed to the client (the files parsed by Taransword) confirmed the issue, it was then officially stated Pharos was allegedly in chests, but at a “lower drop rate” (which turned out to be 0%, as shown in these files)? And that also same exact error presented in the archived data exposed to the client for Forest of Throns week (Yasmine’s Chosen) a few weeks earlier (mythic was in pool at 0% drop rate), but less attention was paid at the time (it is the norm to not get mythic drops from event keys after all, and almost nobody was breaking the bank for this one), and it was reported that the devs didn’t have logs anymore so they couldn’t do event key reimbursements because they had no way to tell who spent how many even if the drop tables were incorrect. Yeah, somehow that was definitely one of those instances where the data exposed to the client was unquestionably wrong, and Yasmine’s Chosen was absolutely available. Yep.

It is really far, far past time for actual drop rates to be shown by an official source, pulled from the same data that the game uses to hand out the drops, real time and historically. The stance that “people don’t understand probability so it would increase support tickets” doesn’t fly when so many mistakes keep getting made with this.


They do this because they know no one quits over it.

This is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE. If you take the “bag of marbles” odds analogy, taking some marbles out must change the odds.

The drop rates sent to the game (which were previously picked up by Taran’s World) reflected the change that added the common/rare troops to the Event Key drop pool, as well as the change in Legendary/Mythic odds that came with it. It also indicated the fact that common/rare troops were missing last week, and that Legendary/Mythic odds had regressed during the period commons/rares were missing to the pre-4.3 values.

Taran’s World also foretold an issue that happened about a year and a half ago in January, where Pharos-Ra was not in the Event Key drop table for the first day of the weekly Khetar event.

I think it’s important that you elaborate on this point. I don’t see any reason not to disclose odds except for “we want to continue to mislead players.”

Taran has announced that these changes have gone into effect and we now have NO INFORMATION on chest odds. All we have is historical stored data.

The team has had a RECURRING and consistent pattern of misleading consumers in what they are purchasing, and Taran’s World was our only protection from that.


It’s a completely horrible conclusion. Previously, looking at Taransworld we were able to point that Devs made a bug/mistake and that allowed Devs to quickly fix it. Now you decided just hide all info about future mistakes (and let’s be honest - GoW Devs have a long history about repeating same mistakes) so we simply cannot convince you anymore that something is wrong. Remember bug, when Frostmage froze only the first enemy slot? You didn’t believe us. And the same was with multiple other bugs.
Now, if some mythic is absent in chests no way we can convince you that he is missed. People will open thousands of chests not knowing that something is wrong.
You decided to make the absolutely worst move in that situation - hide all info instead of simply fix bug and be thankful to players who reported it.


I’m disgusted that removing this data was the official response after mistakes in the drop pools being correctly called out supported by this data multiple times.

I don’t really have much else to say. I always always try to see the other perspective when confronted by an issue like this or at least recognize the motivation behind it, but I can’t reconcile this as anything other than license to being intentionally deceptive and cover up potential mistakes. Most people understand when it comes to honest mistakes and they can be corrected put behind us, but this is an ever-present reminder that makes it difficult to trust any information provided from an official source.


The devs have been getting slowly more and more opaque over the last…say, 2 years? or so. It’s pretty much been directly proportionate with the game’s slow transformation into GoW 2, actually, so make of that what you will.

This is no surprise at all, when viewed in that light.