DO Event keys work for you

Behemoth is supposed to be the event legendary for console chests this week, but I’ve never managed to pull any one from an Event chest. Ok the explanation for Event chests says “win new releases!” and the blurb thumbnails suggest it’s for the featured kingdom troop or Celestials or other blue troops. Says nothing about the legendary.

That means if we’re targetting an event legendary, it’s mostly something for VIP only. :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t have VIP but even so, while devs say it’s “100x Chance” of getting the featured legendary from VIP, I read players getting epics and arcance stones and not the gold troop. SO what exactly does this 100x Chance mean?

My chance on Event chests has been 0% legendary trying for Jarl and Maw and Infernal King in the recent events. I think the drop rate is the same as for Glory keys, only diff is that the commons and rares and minor/major stones are weeded out from the results. : p Really I don’t understand why it’s called “Event chest” when I get troops from Adana and Maugrim Woods mixed in with the Pridelands results!

At the start of the week, I needed one more behemoth to ascend to mythic, used 13 event chests and got him. I also got about 9 Rakshanin and a few other things I didn’t care about. I’m on PS4.

You still have a low chance of getting a legendary, but in the event that you DO get one, it is guaranteed to be Behemoth for the next few days.

I also used Event keys to get Maw, but it took me a lot more (it was over 100 I think, but I don’t remember now). Then I drew another one when I opened 50 glory keys. Random.

Yes, event keys work, but random is random. I pulled 2 Gorgothas in 50 event keys, 1 The Silent One with only 7 keys, but it took 178 keys for me to pull a single Maw and over 100 to pull Carnex, so it can take quite a bit to get a legendary.


YES! Event key work. I usually do 50 Event Chest openings when a new Kingdom is released. Normally I only need 1 or 2 pulls to get the specific Legendary troop (50-100 event keys). One exception was when I was going for ‘The Silent One’. I think that was 200-250+? or some crazy amount.

There the RNG for the weekly kingdoms legendary troop is not too difficult to overcome, just keep at it until you get your troop.

This is my advice to everyone on Console. Save your Event Keys from Weekly packs all month long and spend 50 when a new Kingdom is released.

That’s something of a luxury. Saving keys specifically for new kingdoms doesn’t seem like an option for people who don’t have the current week’s legendary, already.

Appreciate the replies so far. I think I’ll try my hand again at that event chest!

Agreed. I normally try to save my event keys for new kingdoms, but I’m still missing some legendaries, so if I get a chance to use event chests to target those, I’m going to take it. I wasn’t going to go all-out to get a 6th Behemoth, but I use him a lot and thought I would burn a few and hope to get lucky.

@Stan Behemoth is the legendary pictured on all the chest descriptions, I can see he’d be really useful for a Pridelands team build.

I got myself some more Chimeras and a couple Salamanders.

Yes. I use him on a Pridelands team and also use @TaliaParks “Original blue” team. You can search that one on the forum for more details. Behemoth (along with most troops that use blue) works really well with Valkyrie.

The 3 Pridelands team I use is Shadow Hunter, Behemoth, Valkyrie and Chimera (but you could put just about anything in the 4th slot - Sabertooth Lion would be a good option, too). Valk feeds the first two, Shadow Hunter crushes one or two troops before dying and Behemoth mops up and explodes random gems to help everyone refill. The team is effective, works against just about anything and gets maximum souls with Valkyrie. Pridelands is one of my favourite daily tasks as a result.

You’ve still got a few days, so hopefully you can scrounge up enough gems and luck to land one!

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After 36 more event chests, and a grand total of 37 Rakshanin later, I finally got the Behemoth!

You guys made my lucky day, thanks!



Behemoth was my first ever Legendary, and I got a ton of use out of it. It will always have a special place in my heart.

And Original Blue, that team is my masterpiece and so many people have gotten good use out of it.


Now that I’ve got a legendary Rakshanin on hand, if it weren’t for him using Yellow he’d be nearly as effective as Shadow-Hunter. Lots of heavy hitters in that bunch.

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Rakshanin and Shadow-Hunter pair well.

I’ve been running;

Rex Warrior***
Broken Banner (Blue/Brown)

I just been avoiding the top-end opponents and having great success against the rest.

I honestly haven’t given Rakshanin much thought. His skill could be useful, but it would be tough to get him any mana with the rest of my lineup. With Valkyrie on the team, and one or two water links (or 3 on Original Blue), it is so easy to power up Shadow Hunter. Maybe if you were running a 4x Pridelands team with no Valkyrie? It would still be effective, but much slower in collecting mana.

The team that I played with from December up until 3 months ago was

Hero with Skullblade
Shadow Hunter

Covered all colors and Shadow Hunter was good for taking down all 4 of the opposing team because Sabertooth Lion scaled up magic by +5 after each of his kills.

I look forward to replacing the Hero tank with Behemoth for the mana generation.

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Quick suggestion to try. If your Shadow-Hunter is triple traited I would suggest putting her in front as her attack is very high (especially with Duke of Cats +3 Att), and “Agile” will give you some damage mitigation while “Immense” on the Behemoth has a chance to activate a few times.

I use that order for my Pridelands tasks all the time. (S-H, Behemoth, Valk, Sabertooth)

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I agree with this 100%. Behemoth looks like a tank, but is better in 2nd position. Shadow Hunter gets less effective with each cast, so you actually don’t mind her dying if you can cast her at least once or twice. While she’s there, she’s doing more damage on skulls than Behemoth can. With or without agile, Shadow Hunter is the right troop to put in first position.

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Triple traited, no such luck. I keep eyeballing that dodging trait on Shadow-Hunter, with envy.
Sadly I don’t have enough of those purply blue stones to fix her up. Won’t have them anytime soon either. But thanks for the suggestion!

Vip keys seem to give you a much higher chance for a legendary when used one at a time.

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