I need a "buy 10 iron keys" button in the key shop

Dear devs, would you please add a “buy 10(or more) iron keys” button in the key shop? I’ve saved more than 1 million gold, and converting them into keys now becomes a tough job. Please.:sweat_smile:

Sucks to be you lol. Don’t think 10 is going to cut it in this case. Don’t you have a guild to dump gold into?

Not wrong though, that option would be fantastic. For maps too.

And to think I only made a thousand gold invading your kingdom :stuck_out_tongue:

and a “use 10 keys” button too, please! XD

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There’ll be an option to open multiple chests at once come 1.0.8 (Around 10 or so at a time, I believe), buying multiple keys on the other hand I can’t confirm.