Why are we not getting minimum 1 gold key per game?

I feel it is not a lot to ask for securing at least one gold key during a match.

It’s not only good for new players, but also players in the middle game will find it very useful.


The drop rate use to be 1 iron key every few hours, which is basically 2 gold keys and a glory key. xD

I love this game, but for other that finds it as a challenge, it would be a really nice implement to give a minimum of 1 key in battles, to keep them coming back. Very exciting, for new players, especially to open them gold chests.

maybe instead of 1 key a game, could we have a chance at a higher level key every time we get a key?

in 1.0.07 we had 2 gold keys and a glory key. so yes the drop rate is more keys but i cannot get anything better than a green instead of before where i at least had a chance of getting a blue or purple or gold.

I think 1 key if we win any games should be given, when that is said one can get random keys also while we are playing.

PvP battles are free now. That is basically a key every battle, in gold form.

You are right. I doubt a permanent 1 key per win would had been too much, btw.