Gold vs. Glory key Tier rewards


Did we ever get an answer back from Sirrian on this? With so many 2.0 threads, I can’t find it. As of Day 1 he said “investigating”. I got nothing but gold keys on the Tier climb, and I’m also missing an event key for 60 defends. I am wondering if this is a left hand vs. right kind of thing.


Yes, it is supposed to be glory. @Nimhain stated they are investigating a fix and may issue compensation through the mail.


It was fixed as tiers did start giving away glory keys.


That doesn’t help those of us who reached Tier 1 before the fix was applied. :frowning:


I get that. I was just addressing @Mufasha’s point about investigating the fix. The fix is in. I have no other update about compensation other than they’re planning something.


Thanks @Shiratori I had tier one the first day so I hadn’t known the fix was in.