Less gold keys obtained on normal difficulty

For me I get golden keys more rarely on the table when I am playing on normal difficulty than when I am playing on higher difficulties. If this is so, I want it changed, since it only benefit better players and they will get more keys playing on higher difficulties.

I might be wrong tho, what is your experiences?

Yes, I found this to be true too:

This was a quick 1-2 minute match farming a challenge in Khetar on Warlord 3, yet it gave 4 keys. xD

I would say:

  • Increase the chances at lower difficulties for gold keys.
  • Reduce the chance at Warlord 3, but make it glory keys.
  • Reduce the chance even more for Warlord 4, but make it gem keys.
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Even if it’s true, I don’t see the problem. Sure, playing in higher difficulties get you better rewards. That is the whole point of their existence in the first place.

You have to remember that the same reward means less for higher level players. The same single gold key would make a starting player very happy, but feel like nothing to a high level player. If we all get the same rewards, the high level players will feel at some point as if their advance is almost completely halted. That is why they can get better rewards through expensive armor, playing higher difficulties, guild task rewards (in top level guilds), and more gold in PVP (since they battle other high level players).

My opinion is this: The good players shouldn’t get a profit on everything in this game. Most things yes, but I was only mentioning the keys when I started this topic.

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I don’t see a problem with rewarding players more keys if they are playing at higher difficulty. It’s the basic risk versus reward situation. Whether or not it needs tweeking is another matter, but conceptually I think it’s fine.

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the complaint i have for keys is that i wish they would tier up. Might be too hard but if i got say 6 keys then i want one of them to be a rank higher than the other five